koh_ToSirloinWithLove_06F_jpg_595x325_crop_upscale_q85My favorite TV series came to a quiet two-episode end on Sunday night. I’ve been watching Mike Judge’s KING OF THE HILL ever since I moved to Texas in 1997. Obviously living deep in the heart of Dallas and Austin gave me a point of cultural reference where others might have veered. But there was nothing like watching the “Texas Twister” episode on a Sunday night in Austin at the same time an actual tornado alert was in effect. And Judge’s affectionate irony for all the characters gave them more depth than most live action comedies. Sometimes the show erred on easy potshots at hippies or environmentalists, but these would be buttressed by Hank Hill learning the error of his own closed ways. I particularly loved Bobby Hill, and my favorite episode might be where he becomes a Tennessee Williams style dandy in Louisiana. The series had incredible cameo voices, and often used more effectively than in THE SIMPSONS. Even Johny Depp played a yoga instructor and Brad Pitt was hilarious as Boomhauer’s brother. Special mention must go to Brittany Murphy as Luanne and her delightful Manger Babies. Sunday night has been reserved for KOTH the past 12 years, and in honor of our last get-together, I scarfed a plate of sausage and macaroni in honor of my favorite TV family from Texas. I tell you what…

4 Responses to “Yep.”

  1. Most of my friends don’t get it, but KING OF THE HILL is a masterpiece. The way the Cotton/Hank/Bobby angle plays out is one of the most moving captures of inheriting and passing along that guilt and inferiority that keeps us chasing the shadows of knowing and feeling accepted by our parents/family. My favorite character, wow, that’s tough, but I think my favorite episode is when Bill gets so heartsick of Lenore that he takes to finally dressing as her. What could have been cheap is one of the most moving things I’ve seen on television, with Bill getting a much deserved catharsis.

    I’ve missed much of the last few seasons because it always seems to get bumped for fucking football, but I caught the two-part finale, which, typical to the show, ended on a note of hope without copping out with too much finality.

    Another favorite – the one when Luanne moves out and winds up with those pretentious roommates who put her to Hank’s way of seeing things. The final moment in that ep between her and Hank, by the pool, is brilliant.

  2. I’m glad to find a fellow KOTH fan, don’t you know. Yes, the Bill cross dressing episode was bizarre yet apropos. I’m catching up on recent seasons on fox and hulu. Haven’t seen that Luanne episode but I will. I also think the Bobby kicking bullies in the balls episode is hilarious. And Boomhauer’s “meaning of life” speech is probably the show’s finest moment. The finale ended with just the right amount of sentimentality and I did tear up gosh darn it.

  3. KOTH made me cry a number of times (including the Bill/Hank confrontation in that cross-dressing episode). Damn, Hulu, why didn’t I think of that? I’ll start playing catch up as well.

    Three more favorites: when Peggy confronts her mother at her ranch (i think) and comes to the realization that she’ll never get what she needs from her (can you tell I have mommy/daddy issues?). Peggy thinking that TV hearthrob is attracted to her (perhaps the finest Peggy-centric ep I’ve seen) and Redcorn ending the affair wtih Nancy, when he comes to see Dale as an actual person.

  4. It’s all about Hulu. Especially since they’re playing a number of non-available films on dvd (SARGEANT DEADHEAD).

    Those are all good episodes. I’m about to ready to drop the change for the first few seasons DVD’s. I also loved the recent “Oh Canada” episode. Very funny.

    What am I gonna do on Sunday nights now?

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