Creature Double Feature

I recall this awesome Saturday afternoon intro from WLVI Channel 56 that was syndicated to various cities during one of our military brat sojourns across the nation. The 1970’s was the peak time for these genre weekend movie marathons and there was nothing like kicking back in front of the tube with soda, snacks and a copy of “Famous Monsters of Filmland” before falling into a sugar-monster coma…


2 Responses to “Creature Double Feature”

  1. Good Pagan Gods! THE FUTURIST! cherishes each of his cloudy memories when, as THE YOUNG FUTURIST!, he sat before the living room console and watched CREATURE FEATURES on Channel Five. Every Saturday night in Utter Despair, NJ was a holiday. One of his favorites – THE INVISIBLE MAN with Claude Rains. Your blog is a good read, sir.

  2. Thank you THE FUTURIST! Utter Despair, New Jersey….I think that was downwind from Plattsburgh, New York where I was born.. THE INVISIBLE MAN is great, if only for Rains performance. Must watch that again. October!

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