Kack Of Puta No More

syzy_14I’m not at all down with this Obama decision at all to federally ban cloves and candy-flavored cigarettes. Not sure why nicotine is still legal but cloves are on the hit list. Is there an epidemic of teens going back to the 80’s? They’re no gateway drug since I despised cigarettes but didn’t mind a clove now or then while listening to Tears For Fears or New Order or Sinatra. And what does “Kack of Puta” mean? You’d have to go back to that one night in 1984 with Steve, Heidi, Kathy and me to find out…


5 Responses to “Kack Of Puta No More”

  1. i smoked way too many gudangs in the 80’s. apparently they can completely gum up your lungs with resin or some such shit and kill you, tho that never happened to me, i survived

  2. pack of kuta?

  3. And you win a BRAND NEW CAR!

  4. stupid stupid shit like this makes me want to take up the habit. This should be opposed by all. I hope it backfires. It is matters such as this where I believe the modern left has lost their way. But don’t believe me –read the first line from the following:


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