Beck Nation

wolverinesWhile bullet manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand, a census worker in Kentucky is hung:

Bill Sparkman worked as substitute teacher and a census taker for the U.S. Census Bureau. He was found dead Sunday, Sept. 13, with the word “fed” scrawled onto his chest, according to a law enforcement source.

This is the madness Beck and Michelle Bachmann and by extension, the GOP, have fostered. Expect more.


36 Responses to “Beck Nation”

  1. I don’t buy it. Sparkman was a middle-aged White man who only did a couple of census interviews per month. I doubt he was killed directly over his census work.

    More likely it was either indirectly related to his census work – found a pot field, meth lab, or illegal immigrants – or totally unrelated to his census work and the perp(s) are trying to misdirect the police.

    Theoretically it could have even been a suicide disguised as a murder for life insurance purposes. I don’t have access to his financial data though so that would be speculation.

  2. That’s a distinct possibility. But methheads killing a census worker and scrawling FED on his chest wouldn’t exactly keep your meth tanks secret.

    But if you’re pushing a suicide as likely, that’s doubtful with his background. Theoretically, it makes more awful sense that some anti-government loon with too much FOX on the brain did this — especially given Bachmann’s rants against the Census, scaring folks into thinking it’s some commie plot. We shall see.

  3. I’m not pushing the suicide possibility as likely, only as possible with the little data we have. Here’s some background info though:

  4. have we returned to the red hunt era? paranoia doesn’t do democracy much good, whatever happened here, let’s hope it’s an isolated case.

  5. Oh yes, Johnny; we’ve returned to the red hunt era. This time though it the “racists” protesting Obama’s plans rather than the Communists. There aren’t any House or Senate “special panels” yet, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they happened soon.

  6. Disgusting. I hope things don’t get nasty when the census actually gets going next year. I live dangerously close to Bachmann’s district.

  7. I would say movements led by folks who call Obama an “Indonesian Muslim welfare-in-chief thug” are speaking what they believe. Rampant stupidity tinged with bigotry. Michelle Bachmann crying out for folks to slit their wrists” in a “blood covenant’ to “stop Healthcare” is special enough. As for hunting, remember that the guy runing for guv in Idaho joked about issuing “Obama hunting tags.” Pretty funny, eh? Eh, comrade?

  8. “Well, he is acting like one.”

    What does an Indonesian Muslim welfare-in-chief thug act like? Speaking of which, what is a welfare-in-chief at all? How come no one asked him that question?

  9. may i just say as an outside observer with an interest in the US, your news media is unbelievably soft on these nonsensical raving idiots; here, they would be ripped to shreds in any and every media interview, exposing them for the dim bulb morons they are, but i have yet to see a SINGLE MAINSTREAM INTERVIEW in which someone takes on these fuckwits and asks the hard, OBVIOUS questions so that these malcontents are forced to show their true colours. why the softly-softly with these people? i don’t get it. handling them with kid gloves seems almost as stupid as the ‘teabaggers’ themselves.

    (and why exactly is socialised medical care the devil? we have it here and it’s great – not perfect by any means, but people certainly don’t seem to fall through the cracks to the extent they do in the US. apart from if you actually work for/have shares in the big health insurance companies, i don’t get the malicious hate for another option. keeping people healthy is in the best interest of any economy; any taxpayer funding would be more than offset by the benefit to the economy, because a healthier, more productive and stable workforce is one of the cornerstones of economic growth, which then benefits EVERYONE)

    ok, i feel better now having gotten that little rant off my chest!

    • let me qualify that i’m in favor of some form of subsidized health insurance, and tho i have some misgivings about the president’s initial proposal, i applaud him for following through on one of the pillows of his campaign. Now then …

      I would like to see the media go as far as provide a forum, moderated, for both sides to air out their opinions, fact-checked pro/con on a website, but no more. Is is not their charter to pick a side of an issue, then ‘rip to shreds’ the other side.

      • who said anything about ‘pick a side’ and then ‘rip to shreds the other side’, jk? i said nothing of sides.

        ONE function of the news media/journalism is to examine current events as impartially as possible for public consumption, another is to uncover and expose the TRUTH to the general public. if a sizable group of citizens is engaging in clearly bigoted, irrational, hateful and possibly even potentially dangerous public civil disobedience against the President, it IS the job of journalists/the news media to apply the pressure and expose them for exactly what they are. i have yet to see one interview in which these not terribly bright ‘teabag’ ringleaders are pressed to explain their utterly nonsensical rhetoric, they are let off the hook time and time again, and that is unacceptable imho.

        i have no doubt there are plenty of intelligent, reasonable people with legitimate concerns about health care and whatnot, but you are NOT the problem here. if you can’t see then i’m not sure what to tell you.

  10. Too bad we can’t elect Leah. But you’re right. The simplest of obvious media questions would tear these clowns down, but then look at the interviewers, Clowns like Matt Lauer or Katie Couric or Matthews. NETWORK is here and of course a screenwriter predicted this awful news-media-corporate-government collusion…Americans respond to very basic buttons. “Socialist” for one. Nobody knows what it means or why how it’s already been implemented here. Call it something else. Why wouldn’t Americans want its citizens healthy? How can you fight terrorism with a weak populace?

    • here it’s called ‘the public health system/public health care’ (the people looking after the people), maybe you could replace ‘socialist’ with ‘public’ and voila! less panic in the streets and fewer brain embolisms and AK47’s locked and loaded? whatdya reckon

      • That would be fine, but the GOP has painted any thought of public works as socialism or commienism. Pretty hilarious how much these patriots despise the government that they used to defend against criticism. The Founding Fathers would be mortified.

        Basically, it all ties into Capitalism and the religious fervor around these antiquated, unworkable, out of control systems.

  11. wouldn’t it have been better to know what actually happened here before jumping to the conclusion that it is Beck/GOP fostered? And note, i consider the guy a complete crackpot. Let the facts come out and then have at it.

  12. I’m just noting that this is a clearly growing problem and it’s now being reflected by actions. Folks like Beck and Bachmann are inflaming armed citizens prone to unstability. I hope it’s not connected, but why scrawl hang a Census worker — recently demonized by Bachmann — and scrawl FED on his chest? This is a straight up lynching.

  13. And why in God’s name are people stocking up on guns and ammo?

    What are they afreared of? Or what are they planning? Or projecting?

  14. Don’t know. I assume g-men are monitoring all such matters.

  15. leah, review previous Divine posts and find an interview in which the teaparty leader is being called to task. And we agree that one responsibility of the media is to bring clarity to an issue, and i stand by my suggestion on best way for that to happen.

  16. Leah, you can’t fool us. We all know that you people HATE your healthcare. You’d march in the streets to overturn it in favor of an insurance system like ours, but Skynet would gun you down like dogs if you dared.

    You have to wait for months for life-saving operations, your medical equipment is from the ’50s and your doctors are apathetic junkies because they all make minimum wage. The same goes for Sweden, Norway, England, the continent…just about everywhere else in the so-called “civilized” world. Plus you pay 80% of your income in taxes.

    We know that countries with UHC are filled with gray and downtrodden citizenry, slogging through their grim lives, heads down as they wait in endless lines for moldy bread beneath electronic eyes. You’re so desperate that home-surgery centers have sprung up.

    Big Brother made you say that you like your system, right? Send us the truth in code.

    • .-.—.>>///!>…-..—.-.*__*…!!//_ –?….–.–/@#!!!

      (uh, that’s my code in case it isn’t obvious, break it and weep!)

      ok, it says: get me out of here, guys! SKYNET IS WINNING!!!

      (nah, i’d be quite happy never to leave my beloved shaky isles, my slice o heaven. speaking of ‘slice of heaven’, i’ll try to link this hilarious video clip that combines the unofficial enzed national anthem – best song in the world – with a a hell of lot of cops. we be gettin’ in trouble, i guess. hopefully christian won’t mind we a wee detour off topic, if it works, which i have my doubts:)

      • holy shit, it actually embedded! i didn’t mean for that to happen, i was just trying to sneak in a link because the whimsy took me. SORRY christian, honestly!

        (skulking away now in shame…)

  17. Now just drop a frog in boiling water — as Beck actually did the other to try and prove one of his wacko points — and you’ll be treated as a serious commentator!

  18. So, why do we look at GB and Canada as the health care system we should follow? How about Norway? Sweden? Elsewhere? Hell, let’s think about how America got started, as an example. Is our version of Capitalism new? Or did those founding fathers base their system on others? And only one, or did they take the best of other systems, and create something that works?

    I am sure there were arguments (and probably duels), but they worked it out.

    Healthcare should not be a business. I am all for capitalism, but when it gets in the way of my kids being healthy, sorry, your profit is far less important than my kids health. Or my wifes, or mine. When insurance companies have the right to stop healthcare because it becomes unprofitable, there is need for reform. It is NOT a political issue. It is human issue.

    Off topic. Sorry.

  19. If Obama wants to get America behind healthcare, or any politician, it’s a simple one sentence point: A weak populace does not a make a strong nation.

  20. Helen Thomas raises her hand, quotes The sentence and asks ‘is the President suggesting the nation’s populace are currently weak, and the nation has yet to be strong?’

    and then i wake up.

    as pure rhetoric that sentence might work.

  21. “If the populace can’t afford to pay their healthcare bills and suffer the consequences, then yes, we are weaker. A healthy nation is a strong nation.”

  22. At least Couric nails Beck on one of his bigoted bon mots:

  23. What the fuck did he just say? Can anybody translate?

  24. can i just come groveling back long enough to offer this utterly personal observation about which i feel most emphatic:

    there is no creepier cringe-inducing smarmier more spineless evil calculating gag-reflex-triggering mutherfucker on this the planet than glenn beck. my god i’d like to stab that horrible clown through his unnaturally smooth, rotund, doughy double-chinned neck with my bic ballpoint

    and the wolf shall come as the lamb. danger, danger, will robinson!

    whew! glad to get THAT off my chest, too

    • LOL.

      And yet, Katie didn’t nail him down. Fucking say “What did you mean by white culture when you said it?” over and over. You said it, ass, YOU said it. If you didn’t mean anything racist or horrible by it, then WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU MEAN BY WHITE CULTURE??? Answer the question. Answer the question. You said it, now what did you mean by it? Oh and what did you mean by welfare in chief? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??

      Where is 4chan when you need them. Does Glen really need to be available?

  25. yeah, put me in coach! HAVE BIC BALLPOINT, WILL TRAVEL

    (how does one ‘trick’ someone into explaining their own comment? the mind boggles)

    but in all seriousness, what would happen if someone like couric or whoever engaged in proper hard-hitting journalism and did exactly what ed mentioned above — just waved off all beck’s nonsensical blathering and assertively kept at him to answer the question WITHOUT relenting, would she get fired? would ratings drop horribly? would advertisers pull out? would it be a big controversy? would she be media blackballed? i honestly don’t understand it

  26. They’re trapped by this bullshit FOX construct of “fair and balanced journalist” which means letting any number of wackos be treated with equal time and respect.

  27. I think Couric did a fine job of exposing this buffoon. She pressed him numerous times and left no doubt ( i should hope ) that he on this matter is a weasel.

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