Obama: “…an enemy of humanity.”

More GOP madness, this time from a sitting member of congress, Trent Franks (R-AZ):

“Obama’s first act as president of any consequence, in the middle of a financial meltdown, was to send taxpayers’ money overseas to pay for the killing of unborn children in other countries…Now, I got to tell you, if a president will do that, there’s almost nothing that you should be surprised at after that. We shouldn’t be shocked that he does all these other insane things. A president that has lost his way that badly, that has no ability to see the image of God in these little fellow human beings, if he can’t do that right, then he has no place in any station of government and we need to realize that he is an enemy of humanity.

It’s hard to muster up outrage over such virulent stupidity. Especially from the party that demanded taxpayer money go to drop bombs on children in Iraq and Afghanistan and every other Godless place on the map. The GOP is a dinosaur and deserves its fate in the swamps.


16 Responses to “Obama: “…an enemy of humanity.””

  1. who is presently demanding taxpayer money fund the dropping of bombs on Afghan children? nevermind. You’ve married two topics that i’d prefer to treat separately …

    * This Trent guy is an imbecile and an embarrassment. I completely agree with your assessment.

    * Its unfair to entirely credit the GOP as you have. The Iraq war, eh maybe, but the campaign in Afghanistan was overwhelmingly passed by members on both sides.

  2. Yeah, the Dems are guilty of following the GOP’s bully lead in the bumrush to war after 9/11. But that hasn’t turned out so hot. I can’t help but see them as two mini-Vietnams. We were not attacked by Afghanistan nor Iraq.

    And the best defense the right media has for Trent is “But you called Bush bad names!” But no politician declared him an enemy in a time of war. I’m sorry, the party is a disaster. And sadly, their fear tactics do work.

  3. hey, but now the ‘teabaggers’ can make some new placards emblazoned with ‘marxist socialist nazi muslim indonesian welfare thug BABY-KILLER’, with sketches of obama as a large-eared darkie witch doctor eating babies for breakfast! the fun just never ends

  4. I already said they would try to launch impeachment against him his first year in office. That’s next.

  5. Indecent protest placards were not a 2009 invention. Note, I’m not defending the current ugliness, I’m just consistent in my revulsion of any marxist/socialist/nazi/muslim/devil depiction of a US President.

    Considering Dems are in majority of House/Senate and have the Executive office, yet both war campaigns are still active and the Patriot Act will almost certainly be renewed, at what point does the argument that the Dems merely followed the GOP lead fizzle out?

  6. John, we’re not talking placards from protestors but elected officials in Congress calling the President an “enemy of humanity” among the other crazed proclamations from Bachmann and others. The Dems are culpable, but the angry whining wacko accusations from the GOP has set the dangerous tone.

  7. I agree with you Chris. My placard comment was in response to a previous posters teaparty placard post.

    • uh, meaning me, the only other ‘previous poster’ on this topic?

      i made the comment to highlight the stupidity of the ‘teabaggers’, who will leap on any ridiculous anti-obama comment to further their ‘lunatic revolt’. the placards are merely symbolic of the current climate of irrational idiocy that would appear to be pervasive in the criticism of the obama administration…a level of irrational idiocy i have NEVER observed leveled at another administration in living memory

      • ok.

        I saw numerous ugly depictions of members of the previous administration. I observed every action attacked. It was referred to as Bush Derangement Syndrome, and I hated it. I see the same thing happening now, Obama Derangement Syndrome, and also hate it.

        What may differentiate me from everyone else I’ve conversed with in person and otherwise is I don’t defend the actions of a party, whereas others seem to have blinders on when it comes to their own party’s indiscretions. If voters held their own party to the same or HIGHER! standards, then perhaps we wouldn’t have such clowns for representatives.

  8. christian Says:

    Me neither, and that’s acknowledging there was vitrol on the left, but a fringe. There were millions protesting around the world with no threats. Bush/Cheney were bringin’ it on.

  9. left vitriol is fringe while right vitriol is not? How’d you arrive at that?

    Dissent is a wonderful thing. Its a sign of a healthy nation, and I’m actually ok with a little vitriol. Just don’t be a dumb ass an put a Hitler mustache on MY president, or such, and I say this without regard to party.

    • but jk, i clearly said ‘IRRATIONAL’ lunacy. you can not talk about vitriol without context, which would appear to be what you are doing.

      bush/cheney lied their asses off, started two wars which have killed thousands of US soldiers and hundreds of thousands of civilians, cost the US trillions of dollars, approved of torture and detention without trial, engaged in corruption (awarding of contracts to companies in which they/their buddies had an interest) etc.

      these are serious acts, some of them crimes against humanity, and i’m sorry but protest against the assholes at the top is not only not irrational, but JUSTIFIABE. was the vitriol ott? highly likely, but hardly surprising given the gravity of how unbelievably rotten the bush administration was.

      the ‘teabaggers’ on the other hand are seething with hatred of a new president in office less than a year, toting outrageous placards rife with racism and outright nonsensical lunacy, protesting in large, visible numbers against…wait for it… HEALTHCARE!

      how can you even COMPARE the two types of ‘vitriol’? i’m sorry if you don’t agree but imho context is everything in this regard and the ‘teabaggers’ win the ‘batshit crazy scary’ award hands down.

  10. christian Says:

    Well, yeah, John. Of course it’s political. I know you think that both sides have equal weight and value and it’s just a matter of perspective, but that’s not reality. Bush and Cheney were OBJECTIVE disasters for this nation and world. They were CROOKS. Lining their pockets with oil and power, lying to the nation, using 9/11 and American fear to push their war and their PATRIOT ACT. Were Dems rolling on their backs? Some were. Some were not.

    I will never forget the rush to the Iraq War. It’s the most offensive awful thing I’ve ever seen happen to my government. And you can pretend that the national dialogue was open and equitable, but it was not. Bill Maher was fired from ABC for a joke. Bush telling us, “You’re with us or against us” (how’s that for political nuance?). Cheney’s contempt for the law and citizens with his secret White House energy deals that allowed Ken Lay to plunder California. Outing a CIA agent because her husband knew that Team Bush was LYING the nation into an uneccessary war. The creepy Christian Crusade tone of the war could only lead to future instability in the Middle East and an awful collusion of fundamentalism and politics worse than when Reagan was in charge. Bush wailing on guitar at McCain’s party while New Orleans was drowning. Etc etc etc.

    This is not a matter of, “Both parties do this.” I don’t know why that comforts you but it keeps you from weighing the imbalance. Grayson should be careful of his vitrol but when PEOPLE ARE DYING it’s justified. The GOP has NO PLAN. Americans elected Obama to fix things. The GOP doesn’t believe in fixing things because they believe “The government is a predator” as Chuck Grassley just pronounced the other day. Really? So what are we doing in Iraq? I guess I should salute his breathtaking honesty. And the GOP has signaled time and again since Obama came into power that they are out to destroy his presidency. That really helps America, huh? And while I’m sorry many Dems seem content to play dead, the GOP has FORFEITED its right for outrage. They are not a serious party anymore and they have NO IDEAS. Save for their tired, “Tax Cuts De-Regulation Church Bomb” policies.

    I’d prefer there was no name calling but the Republicans created this bed back in 1998 and they have remained there. I hope they get a maid!

  11. christian Says:

    And today’s GOP Leadership bon mot of sanity:

    “This is the type of propaganda you would see in Stalin’s Russia or Kim Jong Il’s North Korea. I never thought the day would come when I’d see it here in America. This is the type of fanaticism Republicans are up against as we fight to stop the Obama Democrats’ radical leftist transformation of America,” – Michael Steele, in a fundraising letter, referring to a video of schoolchildren singing about Obama.

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