Friday Song: Ray Parker Jr.

To prep for this month’s “The Class of ’84 Blogathon” over at This Distracted Globe, how apropos to drop this massive 1984 hit tune for the first Friday in October. I saw GHOSTBUSTERS on its opening night and must say, was not that amused. I loved the high-concept story combining Dan Ackroyd’s love of the paranormal with Second City humor, but this might be my least favorite Bill Murray performance. I was a sensitive youth, and the opening scene of Murray repeatedly shocking a test subject so he could score with his female friend turned me off. How strange that he only made this to get THE RAZOR’S EDGE produced the same year. I did love the glossy New York look of the production, and the supporting cast was wonderful, particularly my beloved Sigourney Weaver. There are terrific special effects, and anything with Randy Cook stop-motion animation has my support. GHOSTBUSTERS was a monster hit while THE RAZOR’S EDGE vanished like a sad spirit, but it wouldn’t have been the 80’s without this film and its equally popular theme, which never failed to make me sing along. I also loved the Ray Parker Jr. video with lots of fun cameos. So sue me. Who ya gonna call?


8 Responses to “Friday Song: Ray Parker Jr.”

  1. I haven’t seen this in a long, long time. Some videos from that period have been burned into my brain (like Talking Heads’ Burning Down the House — that face on the highway!), but I barely remember this at all.

    Weird cameos. Didn’t Chase and Murray hate each other’s guts? Is that Laura Ingalls? And of so, why?

  2. christian Says:

    How could you forget this famous video? It was so ubiquitous! And I believe that Chase and Candy were supposed to have starred at one point. Clearly Ackroyd and Chase had a good relationship…and look at Jeff Tambor!

  3. This was probably during my “moved out on my own and didn’t have a TV” years. I remember early MTV stuff like Beat It and Let’s Dance-era Bowie all those Duran Duran videos. Huey Lewis, Golden Earring, The Fixx, Men at Work. Or this clown — does anybody remember him these days?

    On the other hand, I have almost no knowledge of shows like McGyver, Golden Girls and Miami Vice. Even Cosby — I couldn’t name all the characters with a gun to my head. When people reminisce about that stuff it goes right by me.

    What was Tambor known for then? I vaguely remember him being on Three’s Company. And wasn’t he the plate-hurler And Justice For All? Funny how he always looked around fifty.

  4. christian Says:

    I was trying to forget whathisname. Thanks. Ahhh, the 80’s. I stopped watching most tv post high school, but I did like Cosby. I thought Miami Vice was ridiculous. Golden Girls never made me laugh.

    Tambor was all over, he was actually the neighbor on The Ropers tv spin-off. And he was in SATURDAY THE 14TH…

  5. Here’s a time-travel experience for you, if you’re feeling nostalgic and have absolutely nothing better to do:

    Love that phony cloth bike jacket.

    Wow, Ropers spinoff! Talk about (justifiably) lost pop-culture history.

    Saturday the Fourteenth was one of the few films I’ve ever walked out on. I just tried to watch the trailer, and even that felt endless.

    The Belushi biopic Wired was another. I sneaked in from another film, and sneaked back out after about 15 minutes. It wasn’t worth the admission.

  6. christian Says:

    I actually have a backlog of myriad VHS MTV and Nite Flite and Friday Night Videos (including ads, one featuring John Phillip Law in a bacon commercial!)…I should upload those to youtube…

    SATURDAY THE 14TH has some fun things, particularly Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss…

    WIRED I have no deseo to viddy…

  7. “I should upload those to youtube”

    It would be a public service…or a crime against humanity…or a little bit of both.

  8. christian Says:

    All that rouge and neon is some kind of fashion crime…

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