Favorite Scene Monster Chiller Horror Theatre In 3-D: The Mummy (1999)

You knew 1999 was a special year for American film when I even found things to appreciate in THE MUMMY, Stephen Sommers affectionate tongue-in-cheek tribute to Universal 1930’s horror and 1980’s Spielbergian derring-do. While the excessive quips are just that, I thought Brendan Fraser an engaging hero, Rachel Weisz quite lovely and Arnold Vosloo a quasi-tragic worthy villain. And you have to respect any movie that gives Bernard Fox (Dr. Bombay from “Bewitched”) a grand pulp intro and exit. I am particularly enamored of the mummy battle royale above, a beautifully choreographed sequence with a lithe, believable Fraser, and one of my favorite Jerry Goldsmith cues selling it all. Some brilliant youtube scientist added 3-D to this great moment so grab your Count Floyd 3-D glasses (for only 20 bucks) and look at those mummies…just leaping right out at you…ooo, now that’s real scary!


7 Responses to “Favorite Scene Monster Chiller Horror Theatre In 3-D: The Mummy (1999)”

  1. i have a bit of a soft spot for ‘the mummy’, too, for all the reasons you stated — plus john hannah, who i find funny as evie’s wise-cracking self-absorbed bother, and fehr because…he’s rather easy on the ol’ eyeballs (i have virtually no fondness for the sequel tho)

    (oh man, that 3-D! i fetched my old paper ‘creature from the black lagoon’-type deals to watch that; thank goodness they are officially retired, i go googly-eye after about ten seconds)

  2. christian Says:

    Fehr is also good altho I found Hannah annoyingly one-note.

    I used my FRIDAY THE 13TH 3-D glasses that I still have…will revisit that next now that’s it on DVD proper.

  3. hannah IS annoying in it, so i can easily see how you could find him one-note annoying rather than funny-annoying

  4. The only Sommers movie I have much affection for is “Deep Rising”. The others are more flip for me than actually funny or breezy.

  5. christian Says:

    Still haven’t seen that one. Onto the SHOCKTOBER movie schedule!

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