Watch Horror Films, Keep America Strong!

October weekends were even more magical thanks to Bob Wilkins and his beloved “Creature Features” which appeared on Northern California stations in Sacramento and the Bay Area. Wilkins was the single most unique horror host in that he assayed no ghoulish persona like Zacherle, Vampira, Sammy Terry, Ghoulardi and so many others. He used his urbane wit and honesty to hook the kiddies; his shows were the electronic equivalent to a weekly issue of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND and THE MONSTER TIMES as he would share genre information, including clips, trailers and interviews. Here’s my eulogy for Mr. Wilkins, who passed onto the eternal airwaves earlier this year. Happily, his dedicated fan base has not vanished and on October 6, the New Beverley Cinema and Grindhouse Film Festival will be premiering a new documentary all about “Creature Features,” Bob Wilkins and his successor, John Stanley. Be there or be scared!



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  1. […] As I posted earlier this week, the New Beverly and Grindhouse Film Festival presented an irresistible creature double feature last […]

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