Wacky Packages Flashback 1974




11 Responses to “Wacky Packages Flashback 1974”

  1. I recognize a lot of the pop culture detritus you post, but not these. I’d remember.

    Okay, I promise, this is the last Halloween-related comment (unless you talk about it some more, which you probably will). But this is kinda fun if you haven’t already seen it:

  2. christian Says:

    Maybe you don’t get it Frank. This is SHOCKTOBER as THE FUTURIST! points out. So all posts all discussion shall revolve around Halloween, in one “shape” or another…bring it!

  3. christian Says:

    I hadn’t seen that video…wild.

    Wacky Packages were great sticker parodies of products, a mini-Mad magazine for your lunchbox or notebook or wall. Art Spiegelman worked on them. I’ll be posting more…

  4. Wacky Packs and Mad Magazine…excuse me while I flash back.

  5. Okay…you asked for it.

    (And now I’ll probably draw a blank and won’t say another word about it.)

  6. Re: the video — these guys have done an entire series of them. Even if you wanna smack them for being smug wiseasses, you gotta admire the talent and work involved.


  7. christian Says:

    Good Lord!

  8. Also, that video is kind of awesome.

  9. THE FUTURIST! has a small collection of WACKY PACKAGES covered in special mylar in an album in a closet under some comic books. One day he shall delve deep into that closet and unearth secrets.

  10. that ‘halloween theme song with lyrics’ clip is clever

  11. christian Says:

    Bust out that notebook THE FUTURIST! Bust it out…

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