Pirates of the Caribbean with ZAP/ACTION!

2725062061_0b94d2020fThese MPC models from the early 1970’s were waaaaay cool and I never had any, though I loved the ads in comic books and monster magazines. The gimmick here was that using a simple rubber-band system, the models could spring into ZAP/ACTION! mode. I always thought this one above was the niftiest of the lot, though they’re all perfectly ghoulish with pirate and skeleton diorama drama. Even cooler were the Haunted Mansion ZAP/ACTION! kits such as the organ player below with his mummy surprise cameo. And of course they bring big bucks on the collectors circuit. They only cost about three dollars back in the day…


13 Responses to “Pirates of the Caribbean with ZAP/ACTION!”

  1. I need a little ZAP/ACTION in my own life, that’s for sure.

  2. christian Says:

    You and me both…before we turn into LexG…

  3. omg … i totally forgot about these. Oh to be a kid again.

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  5. Watch your language. Don’t evoke that name again or I’ll… oh wait, it’s your blog.

    As for the pirates, I remember that they never worked. The rubber bands broke, or you got glue where you weren’t supposed to and the moving parts froze up. Another childhood step in the road to adult cynicism.

  6. christian Says:

    I know….He Who Must Not Be Named. Well, he is a boogeyman of blogs…

    I never had one of the kits, but I was curious as to how they worked. Or didn’t. I was pretty stuck on Aurora and their monsters…the boxes alone were cool enough…

  7. I had the Aurora kits, too. All, what, twelve of them? (I’m having deju vu — I think we had this conversation a few years ago.) Had ’em all on shelves in my room. Even though they were painted, you could still faintly see the glow when you turned the lights out.

    Then one year we moved and they got “lost.” My dad always hated the fact that our sissy generation built monster models and played with dolls (action figures) instead of hitting each other with rocks down at the swimmin’ hole.

  8. christian Says:

    Ah, yes, the all-puropse “lost.” The movers “lost” your toys. My folks were kinder and smarter and only let a smattering go. Plus I kept my toys on a short leash…

  9. Weren’t you an army brat? I was a “former army officer who stayed with the gov’t but switched to the FAA” brat. Which still meant moving and having to make new friends every few years. And losing toys.

    • christian Says:

      Took me awhile to answer but yes, Army Brat. I always liked moving (the sagittarius in me) and fortunately, I kept a skeletal hold on most toys.

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