How To Make A Monster

makeuphandbookFuture Academy Award winner and make-up legend Dick Smith wrote this cool one-shot from 1965 for Warren Publishing. You can see scans of the groovy homemade monsters here. I think I found this year’s Halloween costume…


2 Responses to “How To Make A Monster”

  1. THE FUTURIST! finds this Mummy make-up very classy and scary. But … a lingering thought after viewing this old article is … what ever happened to the pictured Robert Dillon age 15 ? Is he happy? Did he grow-up to be a normal man or did hours of applying paste and glue and so forth drive him to a life of despair?

  2. christian Says:

    He lives in the shadowy past of his monster magazine debut, hunting the streets in full garb, still trying for that ultimate scare…

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