Friday Song: Burt Bacharach

How strange. I thought this was SHOCKTOBER month here at Technicolor Dreams Nightmares. All Horror, All The Time. Shouldn’t this week’s song represent the archetypal Friday monster movie feel of Halloween time? And so you choose Mister Burt Bacharach to instill the spirit of the scary season. Okay, fine, sure, it’s your blog. So what exactly does Mr. Pop Lounge have to do with do with horror? Or terror? Or fear? Or creeps? Or leaps? Or…hey wait a minute…

4 Responses to “Friday Song: Burt Bacharach”

  1. Oh, … how terribly coincidental … much like you watching FRIGHT NIGHT the very day THE FUTURIST! posted it on his Wednesday trailer feature … being a great fan of Bacharach, THE FUTURIST! had this very song readied for his Saturday music installment in honor of SHOCKtober. Well, there is just so much SHOCKtober music to go around.

  2. christian Says:

    Well, it is THE BLOB after all, so you can’t stop it from spreading! I say post it!

  3. Well, it’s certainly SHOCKTOBER over in Right-Wing land as, GASP, an American aka the (blackblack) President has been honored for, DOUBLEGASP, his efforts in the World Peace process. Right Wing (& “liberal” media”) gyrations this weekend will rival those of Jack Cole’s “Plastic Man” (& twice as funny).

  4. christian Says:

    Oh, it’s RICH. Last week, the right-wing sites CROWED about Obama being rejected by the Olympics selection. And now…I have to ignore the noise because it’s really dreadful and their contortions are beyond reason or sanity at this point. If Henry Kissinger can get a Nobel Peace Prize…

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