GOP Response to Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize


8 Responses to “GOP Response to Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize”

  1. Ha. The video didn’t load at first, leaving a black space on the screen. And yet, I knew what it was gonna be.

  2. christian Says:

    And it all ties into SHOCKTOBER!

  3. what is CD’s reaction to Prez Obama Receiving the Nobel Peace Prize?

  4. Very funny. Perfect blending of a SHOCKtober movie clip with real life news. This is turning into a really amazing SHOCKtober 2009.

  5. christian Says:

    My reaction is rather neutral. Not a big believer in awards. Kisssinger got one too. But I understand the impulse to want to reward America for turning course. And I’m more chagrined by the petulance of the GOP of course. Last week they cackled over Chicago losing the Olympics and blamed Obama. This week the world is back to being commie marxist terrorist apeasers. Of course, the Taliban issued a statement of their displeasure too.

  6. I read a few opinions that credited Bush for the Olympic loss. That every-single-thing must be politicized is nauseating to me. I appreciate that my President pursed getting it hosted in Chicago. Period. Am I ~glad that it went to a country that has never before hosted? A little. Do I give a lick about the Olympics? No.

    they awarded Arafat as well. He was a billionaire when he croaked.

    I actually felt a bit bad for the prez. I would much rather he be allowed to pursue his policy changes, realize some success, then receive such an award. I listened to his acceptance speech, which I enjoyed, and ~got that he would’ve preferred this route as well.

  7. christian Says:

    Agreed. But it’s silly season as usual.

  8. That was awesome – i loved Scanners.

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