Good Lord!



8 Responses to “Good Lord!”

  1. serves those little shits right, sneaking around a graveyard at night during full moon

  2. Yes, Leah. Those scamps may have been turning over tombstones and vandalizing.

    A psychotic knife wielding mutant is to be expected in a graveyard at midnight … not those little mouth breathers. They probably disturbed his peaceful contemplation of murder and flesh eating recipes.

  3. christian Says:

    Paging Dr. Wertham!

  4. to the futurist: exactly!

    and christian: ‘seduction of the innocent’ my ass!

  5. christian Says:

    What, you don’t think those running screaming ragamuffins are not innocence personified being seduced by a knife-wielding graveyard maniac?

  6. why are those little scamps wearing weird ‘just past the knee’-length pants?

    the kid with the pot belly looks like a 19th century french boy from the waist down. maybe the knife-wielding fiend is in fact a closeted fashionista outraged by era-inappropriate knee-pants

  7. The knife is an obvious phallic symbol … the graveyard symbolizes death fantasies.

  8. christian Says:

    I think the knife symbolizes the maniac about to carve up some pesky kidz in knee-pants…at least, that’s what Jung might say if he read EC Comics.

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