Remember The Alamo Drafthouse


Ain’t it cool? I’m always happy to find an excuse to write about my beloved old Texas haunt, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, where you can see Tarantino wax rhapsodic about ALLIGATOR or behold Tobe Hooper introduce THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE on Halloween eve (and friends, there was nothing creepier than watching that film where it was actually made) all while scarfing down beer and pizza and nachos as invisible gremlins serve all you can imbibe. Austin audiences are curious, courteous and don’t bring any meta-hipster pose or laugh with superiority (I’m lookin’ at you, LA). Owner Tim League has a dazzling collection of trailers that would make any cine-geek drool and sometimes they were the best part of the screenings. The mad geniuses over at Synapse Films, responsible for the wonderful 42nd STREET FOREVER series of exploitation ads (with excellent commentary), have released their newest witches brew and it’s a mind-blower culled from the Alamo Drafthouse archives that will allow you to replicate your own Texas Friday Night Frights. I won’t reveal everything on this volume, as part of the fun is not knowing what comes next, but I’m thrilled to see the groovy trailer for Roger Vadim’s lurid PRETTY MAIDS  OF ALL ROW (1971) and the enchanting X-rated bumper ads featuring LOLZing kittens. So sit down, grab a beer and pizza and keep telling yourself, “It’s only a trailer…it’s only a trailer…”


4 Responses to “Remember The Alamo Drafthouse”

  1. “Heros With Beards” !!!! omg that’s good.

  2. christian Says:

    A must-see.

  3. TCM was made in a drafthouse? I always thought it was made in a maaaaaaadhouse.

  4. christian Says:

    I meant it was made in Austin. Which is its own maaaaadhouse.

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