Best Famous Monsters Ever

fmof114-1I still have this 1975 issue in cold storage and even its number emblazoned on my twisted brain: 114. The first Famous Monsters of Filmland issue devoted wholly to Japanese Monsters! A treasure trove of rare publicity photos and reprints from earlier FM issues with a typically cool Basil Gogos cover, this is where 99 percent of American kaiju fans saw their first images of GODZILLA VS. MECHA-GODZILLA long before its stateside release. The photos are better than the movie if only because they promised so much. Unlce Forry to the rescue again…


11 Responses to “Best Famous Monsters Ever”

  1. THE FUTURIST! knows he has several copies of FAMOUS MONSTER somewhere! He can’t find them. The mania for the mag began when his cousin gave him a copy from his collection … it had the sinister physician from THE HANDS OF ORLAC on the cover. That madman’s figure haunted THE FUTURIST! for nights on end.

  2. ghettoblackify Says:


  3. The movers lost mine, right around the time they lost my glorious future.

  4. gojira!

    i know a guy who can mimic his cry/screech/call thingy (what is it called, exactly?) perfectly, it’s just about the coolest thing in the world. he also does chewbacca’s voice/growl really well. he hates me because whenever we have a few drinks i pester him to do them over and over and over and over again

  5. christian Says:

    I can do pretty good Godzilla, at least the cadence. It served me well during childhood monser melees. Chewbacca, no way.

  6. I used to be able to do a pretty good American Werewolf howl. I have fond memories of standing on a rooftop with some friends, scaring a couple of teenaged girls walking by on the street below.

    Yeah, we were easily amused.

  7. bad frankb. bad dog!

  8. (oh and that’s cool that you guys can do those neato vocal stylings, i wish i could. the only voice i can do perfectly is ‘napoleon dynamite’, my son at least finds it hilarious)

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