Sammy Terry

I recall catching a snippet of this popular Indiana horror host on the air from the 1960’s to the 80’s during one of our military travels in my youth. Sammy Terry (a pun on the word “cemetary”) wore ghoulish makeup and a silk hooded cape, talking in extemporaneous meditations on the nature of horror vis-a-vis whatever film was scheduled. I can see how he would have scared impressionable monster kids such as myself. Still popular today, he continues to make personal appearances. Here’s a great taste of his strange style in this early 80’s Saturday nite intro…


4 Responses to “Sammy Terry”

  1. Off topic, Christian, but THE FUTURIST! must comment on your newest SHOCKtober inspired banner featuring FRIGHT NIGHT’s vampire next door. Fang-tabulous!

  2. christian Says:

    Fang You Very Much!

  3. Sadly, today (July 1, 2013) Bob Carter (Sammy Terry) has past away at the age of 83.

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