Moody Monday Music: Cocteau Twins

Trying to describe the Cocteau Twins is like dancing to architecture. Or something. It doesn’t matter what string of familiar yet obscure words Elizabeth Fraser is invoking, it’s about the tone and the timber, the ambiance if you will. Nothing whispered sub-cultural pop ambient in the early 80’s like the Cocteau Twins and their misterioso album covers. With the most pretentious or preposterous song titles in recent music history, they transcended genre under the 4AD label, an instant sign of cult awakening. My favored LP’s remain VICTORIALAND and TREASURE, both representing the height of their Grecian garden period. This is perfect moody October musik and here’s a striking live version of the lovely “Lorelei” from TREASURE. I saw them in concert and was stunned that Elizabeth Fraser’s ethereal voice was for real.


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