Shock Cinema #37 On Sale Now!


Just in time for SHOCKTOBER is the new issue of my favorite magazine (what dat?) SHOCK CINEMA, featuring a panopoly of Steven Puchalski’s insightful reviews and great interviews with familiar cult faces. There’s a good reason Tarantino featured this mag in DEATH PROOF…


6 Responses to “Shock Cinema #37 On Sale Now!”

  1. You made the cover, dude! Love the green hat, that’s a great color for you.

  2. christian Says:

    Well, thanks. Almost. I half-made the cover as it was my interview. But Austin is sexier. He just did a charity show this week with Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline. He’s busier than ever.

  3. Ok, dumb joke. But you must admit, there’s a resemblance, especially with the hair and glasses and all.

  4. christian Says:

    I cut my hair recently to keep people from asking if I was in THE MUPPET MOVIE.

  5. That would be pretty remarkable if he still looked your age.

    (I’m getting strange urge to watch The Muppet Movie. Maybe after Shocktober.)

    You, know, Pendleton is one of those guys whose name I know — and when I look up his credits, I realize I’ve seen many of the films — but until now, I’d have been hard-pressed to say “oh yeah, HIM.” But now, thanks to your good works, I’ve brushed up, read a lengthy Onion AV interview and and could probably get at least a C in Austin Pendleton 101. Quite a career. (I did just watch Catch-22 recently, but EVERYBODY is in that and his role was fairly small.)

    Is your piece available online, or only in the print edition? The website is a bit hard to navigate, layout-wise.

  6. christian Says:

    It’s all about the glossy pages. You can buy back issues online. They’re worth having. Especially for the Austin Pendleton interview. He was great and had lotsa great insight and stories.

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