Season Of The Witchiepoo

My favorite Sid and Marty Kroft proto-psychedelic kid’s series was H.R. PUFNSTUF. I always liked that li’l English sprite, Jack Wild, and the cast of costumed characters and other strange puppets. They also had a good villain in Witchie (Billie Hayes) and her batty assistants. I actually saw the Kroft’s only theatrical release, PUFNSTUF (1970), at a military theater kiddie matinee, and I was entranced. I particularly loved the hip music and songs (including one by Mama Cass), written by BARBERLLA’s Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel. It would be decades before I scored that soundtrack on CD and the film was finally released on DVD last year. In the Halloween spirit of Witch Power, here she is in all her gory with the anthem, “Zap The World.” Sing along…or else!


4 Responses to “Season Of The Witchiepoo”

  1. THE FUTURIST! asked once why Pufnstuf talked so oddly and acted so hyperkinetic. He was informed by a friend’s mean older brother that H.R. Pufnstuf was a homosexual dragon/man hybrid. … but not exactly in that manner of a civil arrangement of adjectives and nouns.

  2. I assumed it was on account of the stuff he was puffin’…

  3. me, too

  4. THE FUTURIST! assumed Jack Wild was experiencing this strange bizarre world after some huffin’ and puffin’.

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