Class of ’84 Blogathon

MPW-26170Where’s my piece for This Distracted Globe’s Class 0f ’84 Blogathon you ask? I TOTALLY am still working on it but like, my computer did a complete bogus spaz out. I am such a dweeb. But like, the way cool kids that got theirs in on time and schedule are AWESOME! But can you believe that Wes Craven’s classic A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET came out in that Orwellian Fear Year? I still remember seeing it opening week with Eric as there was only one other person in the theater sitting far behind us – and yes, he was wearing a hat just like Freddy Krueger. I shit you not, dude.

UPDATE: I’m going to cheat big time and link y’all to my Retro-View for 1984’s punk classic, REPO MAN, which due to its alien backstory, also qualifies for Shocktober. Don’t blame me. I’m just a white suburban punk.



6 Responses to “Class of ’84 Blogathon”

  1. i totally hope your computer stops being so majorly bogus, man. “ANOES’ came out the year i, like, graduated high school. totally gnarly.

  2. christian Says:

    It’s the only interesting film in the series. A great unique premise and villain. Craven really has a wire tapped into our sub-conscious.

  3. ‘repo man’ is a genre-bending hoot, i love it

  4. …ordinary fuckin’ people…

  5. christian Says:

    “Only an asshole gets killed over a car.”

    “Nobody ever called Pablo Picasso an asshole…”

  6. […] the Nightmare on Elm Street series did indeed end with Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991), as it was the last of the […]

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