Grande Illusions


I bought this popular Tom Savini guide (with Ted Danson on the cover!) the second it hit the shelves back in the 80’s horror day. I wanted  to upgrade my Super 8 gore skills and I was already burned out on my Blood-Pic (a Water-Pic teeth cleaner converted to spray my home-brewed arterial crimson at least eight feet). Sadly, I never got around to imitating the easy-to-use effects that Savini helpfully prepared, except  for the awesome razor-blade, ear-cleaner gag that is effective to this day. I always wanted to make the wicked vampire fangs but lacked the funds for all the dental supplies. I’m glad to see the book has gone into at least six editions as I always thought Savini’s skillz fun and terrific, especially his masterful work in CREEPSHOW. And just for fun, how about that rarely used poster for FRIDAY THE 13TH?


5 Responses to “Grande Illusions”

  1. Have you ever seen the SCREAM GREATS doc. that featured Savini? I think it was supposed to be the start of a series that focused on great make-up artists like Savini but I think his was the only one that was done. It provides fascinating insight into Savini’s past and shows how he did some of his most famous gore gags. Plus, Savini is such a genial, fascinating guy. Unfortunately, you’ll have to track this down on VHS as it has never been released on DVD but well worth tracking down and a good companion piece to the book you mentioned above.

  2. christian Says:

    I did see SCREAM GREATS long ago on VHS. I should check for a DVD copy….I always like Savini as an actor too. He steals FROM DUSK TO DAWN.

  3. “This pillow just lay here…while my mongoloid son DROWNED! DIE, PILLOW, DIE!!!”

    I built that razor-bulb thing and enjoyed using it to great effect. It was always hilarious when my victim’s eyes went wide, and keeping a straight face was the hardest part. Of course, you had to remember to run the razor against a brick wall a few times prior to use, or you’d get a more realistic effect than you bargained for.

    I also made up a couple of security guards at my place of employment to look beat up so they could scare their girlfriends. One guy almost wound up with a real black eye after he revealed the gag. Fun with makeup.

  4. Oh yeah, Savini was drop dead cool in DUSK TILL DAWN and then, in fantastic contrast played a hilarious inept deputy in PLANET TERROR.

  5. Both great parts. And he was superb in Romero’s underrated metaphoric epic, KNIGHTRIDERS.

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