Only today’s GOP could trash the first time the President paid a visit to honor the fallen.

Obama Fallen Soldiers


23 Responses to “Meanwhile…”

  1. I’m running out of anger for all this partisan bs and am just left with sadness at how ugly things have become.

    I’m guessing that you’re pinning this on ‘GOP’ because you consider RL their spokesperson. Yes? I don’t get that. What is the criteria for being a party spokesperson? As much as i despise the two parties, i can’t get behind either one of them being entirely thrown under a bus.

  2. Where were you all Shocktober long while the rest of us were discussing scary movies and books, jkeeling? Just not interested in that kind of stuff?

    As much as you despise the two parties, you seem to spend a lot of time going out of your way to defend one of them.

    • i’m interested, and read posts, but didn’t have much to offer on the topic of scary movies/books.

      i just hated on and defended both parties in the above post; I think i’m pretty even handed. In this blog i’ve most often responded to anti GOP statements by drawing comparisons to similar –unmentioned– behavior from the Dems. I don’t regard that as defending.

      • christian Says:

        John is a valued contributor even though he didn’t show up in costume during Shocktober…

        But you do tend to favor the GOP in your posts and while this comparison game between the parties is fair, the onus is on the Republicans to step up to sanity, not the Democrats. The level of fearful, anti-intellectual ignorance of today’s GOP is something profoundly real and disturbing. The world laughs at us debating whether our citizens should be able to afford a trip to the doctor and then comparing that access to a terrorist atack. And how does a sick populace make this nation strong I continue to ask?

  3. christian Says:

    Yes, John, we missed you during SHOCKTOBER when I kept my big political yap shut — but I’M BACK!!!!!

    Rush gets a huge FOX interview special this week so he can unload his evils with that weasel Chris Wallace, who looks like Don Knotts in love. And just posted on the leading Repub;ican site Townhall is this amazing piece:

    The GOP LOVE Rush. They consider him their de facto intellectual leader. Whether you do or don’t is not important. His hate and bigotry and fear-mongering, like Beck, Palin and Bachmann, have come to represent today’s do-nothing GOP. That’s the path they’ve chosen and it’s up to America to reject them for the scoundrels they have always been.

  4. christian Says:

    And say what you will about Democrats, but this level of idiocy and fear-mongering is staggering. The GOP needs to die like a dinosaur and find some new species to evolve into. NOW.

  5. Oh, how THE FUTURIST! misses SHOCKtober … especially after all this political back-biting. THE FUTURIST! likes his scares to be not so “real”. You can’t wake up from this nightmare. Oh, well.

  6. christian Says:

    I know, life is far more frightening than the movies. So I’ll be double dipping into the Shocktober bag of tricks to stay sane. And boy, the hits were fast and furious during last month. Almost had me convinced to turn the site into TECHNICOLOR SCREAMS or TECHNICOLOR NIGHTMARES…

  7. I’m back too. John and I were in Cabo drinking.

    What I have to say about Rush being the voice of the republican party is that there is no one stepping up to shut him up. Is McCain? No. No one is stepping up and saying that Rush or Beck are fucking nutjobs and the republican party should wizen up. They are letting those two fools fight their battles. And the Dems may have had their nutjobs too but at least we didn’t elect a jackass like the republicans did.

    • Are Dem party members also expected to step up and ‘shut up’ left-leaning nutjobs? I really don’t expect either side to react to the nutjobs –to do so would practically be a full time job. I would however like to see Obama confront the likes of RL and Beck. I applaud Obama for suggesting he would meet with world tyrants no strings attached. A lot of world conflicts could be avoided were men to meet face-to-face. I’d love for him to invite either of those alleged GOP spokespersons to a 30minute aired interview, at the White House. He would no doubt destroy them. The current White House approach taken against these guys (and Fox) has only resulted in increasing their popularity IMO.

  8. christian Says:

    I would say that even more amazingly, Beck has replaced Rush as party id…which I hope can only lead to the country keeping the GOP far at bay until they wizen up.

  9. My costume was comprised of a kimono, a blond pig tail wig, and a rubber chicken. I handed out candy and when i asked what i was responded with “i don’t know”. I enjoyed the Shocktober entries but didn’t weight in as i’ve much less experience in this genre than other participants … now then, the first Omen book scared the piss outta me. Baylock to Damian: ‘Fear not little one, I’m here to protect thee’, and the whole cemetery scene, digging up jackal bones, dogs showing up!!! Shivers.

    If I’m regarded as GOP Defender then i haven’t done a good enough job expressing my opinion on matters. The majority of my entries have been in response to anti-GOP posts –countering with similar behavior conducted by the left was not intended to defend GOP behavior. I’ve defended dissent in the context of a teaparty post, but was careful (i recall) to include anti-Bush protests. I blasted use of Hitler depictions used against ALL Presidents. I’ve probably defended Obama more than anything on this blog: healthcare, Nobel award come to mind.

    Each party is comprised of decent people and shitheads. To throw an entire party under a bus is ~reckless and not unlike what Rush does on the other side. I try to be specific in my rants, using short and targeted bursts. What I often find here are comments of the lower common denominator elevated to ‘GOP’. This would be like pinning a Maxine Waters comment on the entire Dem Party. Yea, there is terrific stupidity emanating from the GOP ranks, but I’ve been around long enough to observe that this is how the ousted party always acts. It’s the system. And I am disgusted by it but perhaps see it in more general terms than most.

    re: “How does a sick populace make a strong nation?”. First, I believe the Government has a role in providing a subsidized Health Insurance and taking other actions to lower cost for all, and i wager CD and I would agree on more than disagree on this topic. You must recognize your question as very loaded ( yes, i have stopped beating my wife ) and including a two premises: our populace is sick and our nation is not strong. I can only respond in kind: How do you account for this nation having gone through periods of incredible strength without the benefit of Universal Health Care?

  10. christian Says:

    The question is how can we proclaim to be a Christian nation and equate Health Care with EVIL? And the fact is, too many Americans have died over the decades without UHC — that we accept these numbers is another reason our nation is on a downward spiral. Our nation’s true religion, Capitalism, is no longer working, based on outdated models. And a nation can easily be sick and functioning, the question is: for how much longer? These fears are based on 1950’s Eisnhower-era Red Scares and yet kept alive into the 21st century. Ice caps are melting in front of us as Americans deny that Global Warming is real — why deny? It’s an infantile narcissism that equates a negative as a rebuke to our Manifest Destiny.

    The mainstream media’s job is too keep the populace distracted with conflict, from questioning, giving credence to wackos like Beck or Rush or Palin as if their insight is valid. I don’t like Olbermann for his pompous rants, but I’ll say it again: we didn’t start this fire. The GOP fired the shot back in the 90’s to destroy the Clintons and they have NO IDEAS — besides tax cuts fr the rich and more military excerises. Outside of that, what do they offer? And like Ed said, why do the GOP bow to bigots like Rush and Beck? The left is too fragmented, so even folks like Olbermann hold no power over Democratic policies.

    Michelle Bachmann is clearly unhinged. Maxine Waters might be angry, but she’s not crazy. And that the GOP sees Bachmann/Palin as a hope in 2012…well, enjoy Candyland!

    • yea, I don’t get that. But let an UHC opponent who proclaims we are a Christian nation answer that one. I’m not qualified.

      I’ve never accepted the ‘socialism bad’ argument or ‘capitalism bad’ argument. Apologies to Upton Sinclair and Ayn Rand, but there is nothing inherently bad with either system. One can cite specific occurrences of bad behavior in each, but all such arguments fall flat. Neither system is immune to recessions, so I don’t accept that capitalism has failed us. When we bounce back, will capitalism have saved us???

      I agree that GOP behavior during Clinton was deplorable and lowered the bar significantly, but are you really defending subsequent bad behavior by using a ‘they did it first’ argument? The last time that works is elementary school. We are talking about adults here.

  11. Maybe I’ve missed your other comments, jkeeling. And I’m not saying “post about movies or don’t post at all.” That would be dumb, and I don’t have the right. Besides, this is fun, too.

    But there’s a syndrome I’ve noticed on several of these movie-related blogs: commenters who ONLY show up to respond to political threads, who insist they’re not Republicans, and who then go on to repeat Republican talking points. I see it again and again. I’m sure you can understand how I’d interpret that as showing up just to pick a fight. (Or as being a right-winger without having the courage to just admit to it. I see a certain amount of disingenuousness in these types of comments. “I’m not on either side…BUT -“) If that’s not you, apologies.

    Anyway, I’ve been reading C’s comments and blog long enough to know that he can handle it.

    Even so, I’ll respond to this: “How do you account for this nation having gone through periods of incredible strength without the benefit of Universal Health Care?”

    How do you account for this nation having gone through periods of incredible strength without child-labor laws? Or women being allowed to vote? Or electricity?

    Could you survive in your house without hot water? Why don’t you, then?

    You must have a better argument than that.

  12. i’m not a agitator or Republican. I respond to entries of interest to me, and/or if I have something to add. I’m not gonna go searching, but i’m certain I’ve responded to non-political posts. And, I would bug out in a split second if CD asked it of me.

    You do realize that i’m not opposed to government involvement in Health Care. Yes? I mentioned this at least 2 times on this blog. I didn’t accept CDs ‘strong nation’ assertion as an argument in favor of UHC. That’s all. I’m guessing you define strong nation as including the existence of UHC, child-labor laws, woman’s suffrage, electricity and hot water. Perhaps we are operating with different definitions of a ‘strong nation’. I’ll defer to CD to provide a more concise definition of the term.

    I scratch a check each month for the electrical/gas services i consume. Put another way, I consume a service and i pay for it. Its an election i’ve made and will continue to make … I have no idea what you were getting at here.

  13. John is a old friend and not a shit-stirrer. And if he was, fine too. This is not the Daily Kos!

    My term “strong nation” means that the most prosperous democracy on the planet that spend billions on preventive weapons that take lives has a moral obligation to spend the same on preventive medicine that saves lives. How in the world can they be construed by the right as an evil plan? The argument is usually, then people will depend on the government for too much! Well, is that any different than depending on them to stop foreign and domestic attacks?

  14. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I was getting at this: just because we have survived without something in the past doesn’t necessarily mean that we should have to or want to, which seemed to be what you were arguing.

  15. “And boy, the hits were fast and furious during last month. Almost had me convinced to turn the site into TECHNICOLOR SCREAMS or TECHNICOLOR NIGHTMARES…”

    It’s been a fun place to hang out lately. Thanks for letting us lounge around on your sofa.

    Hey, you got any more chips?

    • Chips? THE FUTURIST! has the dip here in New Jersey. WE now have the totally unresponsive on issues Chris Christie as Governor elect. The man never said a single thing about how he would solve NJ’s financial problems. All he said was he was a Bush appointed State Attorney and we could depend on him to solve everything.

      • christian Says:

        I think there’s some chips in the kitchen still. Turn off the lights and hide the bong when you’re done in here.

        NJ was a bummer but I’m pleased as punch that Sarah Pain and Beck’s pick Hoffman bit the big one in a heavy GOP district.


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