Birthday Boy: Simon Le Bon

Because I shamefully missed posting my annual birthday greeting to Messer. Le Bon of Duran Duran during Secret Oktober the 28th, here’s a good shot at redemption thanks to the electoral action across the nation today. What better way to celebrate American Democracy than a Euro-Trash Pop Song? Here’s the still grooving 1985 track, “Election Day,” from “So Red The Rose” by Duran spin-off band, Arcadia, featuring Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor.

One of the truly great unheralded 80’s records, with dark, sexy, epic, atmospheric mediations on rhythm and decadence. Even Sting backs-up Le Bon on “The Promise” and Diablo Cody wisely grabbed her name from the LP’s best song and anthem, “El Diablo.” So without ado, let the voting begin…


2 Responses to “Birthday Boy: Simon Le Bon”

  1. love this song! and i know i’m almost a year late, but happy 51st simon!! xx

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