Happy Birthday Mr. President

Obama 2008Has it been a year since America woke up and rejected the backwards ignorance of the GOP and its McCain/Palin ticket? Where did all the love go? Obama has been in office less than a year and no ponies or unicorns have been delivered to everybody’s doorstep. While the ADD fairweather pundits like Kos and Huffington (both former Republicans one should not forget) bray to get site hits, have Americans forgotten what happened to this nation for eight years under the most disastrous presidency in modern times? And Obama is supposed to fix two wars, a recession, climate change, swine flu and health care in ten months?

This staggering lack of insight dooms the Left, who are too eager to eat their own. Is Obama too safe? Sometimes. And after Bush/Cheney strutting dick swings that led to disaster, it’s time for some thoughtful action. And we’re getting it. I think Obama is a great man trying to be a great president. He’s just one dude and nobody with a foot on reality should expect our corporate owned system to vanish. But if the nation lets the whining and dangerous GOP back into power, we’re fucked. To remind folks of the sea change that’s taken place over the past year, here’s Eugene Robinson with the news:

Obama’s months in office have been so action-packed that it’s easy to forget some of the historic steps he has taken: nominating Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic on the Supreme Court. Going to Egypt and speaking directly to the Muslim world about cooperation rather than conflict. Embracing multilateralism as the template for U.S. foreign policy in the new century. Accepting the scientific consensus on climate change. Investing in “green” jobs and education reform as key engines of economic development.

And then there’s health-care reform. I’ve been impatient with Obama’s strategy of letting Congress take the lead on writing legislation, but he’s brought us to the brink of truly meaningful reform much faster than anyone could have imagined a year ago. We still have some fighting to do over two words — “public” and “option” — but it looks like the principle that everyone is entitled to health insurance, a Democratic Party goal for at least six decades, is about to become law.

Quite a record for 287 days: All that, and a Nobel Peace Prize, too.


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