Sometimes you come across a talkbacker on Ain’t It Cool News who shines a light:

I Miss This Decade Already: It will no doubt be remembered as a decade of boundless imagination. The period of time when we finally sought to unravel such puzzling cinematic mysteries as: Why does James Bond like to have sex with different women? Why does The Joker wear clown makeup? What’s the deal with Spock and Uhura? Who REALLY killed Uncle Ben- can we trust the events of the first film? But what if, after two failures, Skynet sent back an even MORE ADVANCED Terminator?! Did Lex Luthor ever get out of prison and, if so, was he still interested in real estate? We know how he turned out, but what was Boba like at age 10? Did the events of Weapon X really unfold as depicted in X-Men 2, or was that film simply jerking us around? What happened when Rocky entered his fifties- did he just stop boxing?

2 Responses to “Backstory”

  1. Plus, we found out that Leatherface and Michael Myers were picked on as kids. Priceless knowledge that changes everything.

  2. christian Says:

    Most importantly, I needed to know that Willy Wonka’s dad was a cold dentist and The Grinch was a misunderstood outcast. Now J.J. Abrams can give us that “I Was A Teen-Age Khan” we’ve been waiting for. Hollywood Bad Screenwriting 101.

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