Forgotten Posters: Thumb Tripping (1972)


Here’s a stunning poster for THUMB TRIPPING, 1972’s forgotten proto-EASY RIDER starring Michael Burns and Meg Foster as free spirits who decide to take every ride offered to them on the road, with serio-comic results. Bruce Dern plays the driver whose car you shouldn’t get into and though he’s only in the film for minutes, he graces the exploitive version of the ad campaign. Here’s the original, free-wheelin’ poster design. Where have you gone, Joe Levine?



2 Responses to “Forgotten Posters: Thumb Tripping (1972)”

  1. Gosh, Michael Burns was in this great crazy psycho pot boiler with Shelley Winters and Stella Stevens called THE MAD ROOM. THE FUTURIST! recalls watching this years and years ago as a youngster on TV and never saw it again … ever. Whatever happened to him?

  2. christian Says:

    THE MAD ROOM? Jeebus that one escaped me. Sounds like a 70’s TV movie. I’ll have to go a seekin’…As fer Burns, I think THE MAD ROOM and THUMB TRIPPING happened to him…

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