Bravo Mr. President

So Obama passed a Health Care bill within his first ten months, something no politician has been able to do in Washington ever — with total Republican opposition. Reveals much about their inner nature. Is the bill perfect? Hell no! The Stupak amendment blocking funds from abortion is in place, but eventually the GOP dinosaurs will die off and that will be amended. If I hear one more whine of “He’s not doing anything!” I’m checking myself into the hospital…

2 Responses to “Bravo Mr. President”

  1. How many of the poor, helpless people who CAN’T AFFORD HEALTH CARE still manage to afford cable TV, widescreen televisions, and expensive luxury cars?

    They should still deny anybody who has pocket change to drive a Beemer but wouldn’t spring for insurance for their kids.

  2. I’m sure that’s about .002 of the populace.

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