Favorite Scene Theatre: A Mighty Wind (2003)

It’s obvious, I know. But I need a quick laugh. So do you. And this clip is an easy lay. I’m pleased that Christopher Guest found a niche spot for the unflappable arrogant ignorance of Fred Willard in their string of docu-comedy classics. I was a fan of Willard’s since the brilliant tv talk show parody from 1977, FERNWOOD 2 NIGHT, where he played Martin Mull’s clueless co-host, Jerry Hubbard (who you can watch in action here). Willard had a fantasy career resurgence after his scene-stealing role as Buck Laughlin, the jock sportscaster from BEST IN SHOW (2000) and though he is brilliant there (“How much do you think I can bench-press?”), I think this is the funniest scene of Fred Willard’s film career.


2 Responses to “Favorite Scene Theatre: A Mighty Wind (2003)”

  1. A MIGHTY WIND is still my favorite Christopher Guest movie.

  2. I’m prone to WAITING FOR GUFFMAN as his most realized project. But this is probably second because I like the songs so much.

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