Never Forget

Alaska QuarterThe GOP wanted this woman to be Vice-President:

I see our motto, and I’m looking at the other coin “Where’s ‘In God We Trust’? Where did it go? It’s not, I can’t find it on the coin. She says “well look closely.” I says, “there’s our motto, our country’s motto In God We Trust,” it’s been pushed to the edge, it’s on the side now, on the edge of this coin you can’t really see it and on this coin it started wearing off.

And I think, who calls a shot like that? Who makes a decision like that and we’re Americans and we’re going to let them aware of something like that…

15 Responses to “Never Forget”

  1. And the next stage of the political circus begins.

  2. Would defeat Obama in an election tomorrow, GUARANTEED.

  3. Your predictions are happily deadly wrong. As in THE GOODS being a box office smash level of wrong. So I take comfort in your prophecies Lex.

  4. Christian, do you ever, like on a dare, read Breitbart’s site?

    I find it (and head douche John Dirty Harry Nolte) almost, if not more, infuriating than your default progressive liberalism.

    Surely there should be a middle ground in this country. But if both sides are hellbent on stubbornly sticking to their corners, with one side clinging to these insane Socialism! fears and embrace of religion and families, and the OTHER side wanting to GIVE ALL MY FUCKING MONEY AWAY to POOR PEOPLE WHO DRIVE A FUCKING LEXUS….

    Well, assuming things stay as divided as they are now, Republicans will win every time, because Dems are inherent limpdicks, and nobody likes having their paycheck fucked with.

    Hence: President Palin, no doubt.

  5. Lex, I primarily read rightie sites — why do you think I’m so freaked at the thought of those zealots put back in charge? We just had eight years off right-wing fantasia — and our nation left in ruins. I could give a shit about Democrats. I just know fuck-ups when I see ’em. And Lex, nobody is electing somebody who QUIT their term as governor after a year. She killed her political career. And McCain’s candidacy. I can say without reservation most Americans think she’s an idiot.

    It’s not about sticking to corners. We have to make choices in this country. And this lazy-faire “let the free market bootstraps pull you up” only works in REASON magazine and the WSJ editorial page. We need a country correction after disastrous conservative philosophy, emboldended by some Democrats, who aren’t always so different.

  6. “money, get back
    i’m all right jack keep your hands off my stack
    money it’s a hit
    don’t give me that do goody good bullshit”

    lex bitches and moans about giving 2 cents of his tax dollar to help the less fortunate, but silently forks over 10 times that to the rich fat cats of the military industrial complex to fund the war machine. everyone has their priorities

  7. Not like Americans have any say where their tax dollars go and how they get broken down. Shit, if it were up to me I’d want every penny of my taxes to go to Paris Hilton’s tanning fund or some rich athlete’s steroid pocket. You know, someone AWESOME.

    And tell the truth people… you REALLY, when it gets down to it, you REALLY don’t care about poor people. It’s just a nice thing to say.

    Like everyone on this planet, ultimately it comes down to the individual, and looking out for yourself.

  8. signs of being a sociopathic narcissist:

    # 1. actually believing that because YOU don’t care about something means that nobody does

  9. I am a giant nacissist but hardly a sociopath; I’m actually more of a sentimental pushover and softie than you’d believe, but there’s only so much empathy you can indulge before it becomes impractical. Maybe you and christian want the world to be a big, happy commune with some bearded douche strumming an acoustic guitar and everyone bo-janglin’ through an Age of Aquarius remix, but by and large I distrust just about everyone, and prefer to be more of a lone wolf type and don’t fancy this collectivist utopia bullshit. I want to be BETTER THAN OTHER PEOPLE, and I want other people to RECOGNIZE my wealth and superiority.

    Please note that I say that as a working stiff who makes a solid salary but am otherwise swimming in debt and driving a 20yo car, getting CRUSHED by fucking taxes that take 30% of my income and barely staying afloat.

    And that when I’m on the freeways, my rich “overpaid” ass has the absolute worst car going, while christian’s beloved “impoverished” in LOS ANGELES (and christian you know this is true) DRIVE EXPENSIVE CARS no matter how poor they are.

  10. That said, anyone who supports religion, family values, or family in general? You better be some smirking awesome cowboy like BUSH (aka GOD)…

    Palin reminds me of every Midwestern bully sports mom with no sense of humor and no irony, the kind who’d actually go to her kids’ games and ROOT for them to win. The kind of football-town woman who brushes up on sports and hunting to seem like one of the guys.

    Fuck that. Women should be HOT, STUPID, and wear GIANT SUNGLASSES, and be into sexy shoes and shopping and stealing money from men.

    What a gender.

  11. while christian’s beloved “impoverished” in LOS ANGELES (and christian you know this is true) DRIVE EXPENSIVE CARS no matter how poor they are.

    You can project all you want as leah points out but I don’t even drive a car you fool. So how do you know what everybody drives, Kreskin? This city is addicted to cars (see REPO MAN) and thank the oil companies for that who dismantled the public transport (see WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT). You’re so darn smug in your arrogance. It has nothing to do with your Jack Webb cliches of hippies or liberals. But you don’t whine about tax dollars going to bunker buster bombs but you tremble at kids getting lunch?

    As fer Palin, she is a bully soccer mom. And Levi is another obstacke to the WH. But I pray the GOP run her and Bachmann or Lou Dobbs.

  12. As much as Palin (& her ilk) loathe the MSM media she is sucking off the media teat like no one else. She doesn’t exist without these clowns pimping her to an audience of, well, who exactly? This is just one more freak show trotted out by the “news” channels in an effort to pump up their ratings. Meanwhile, according to these same media geniuses Obama is constantly on the ropes & needs to make a decision (about something, anything) now, now, now!!! Disheartening doesn’t even begin to describe the entire media whore show.

  13. Like that fool Kos, they need a conflict. The mass media today is an adversary to democracy because they are so rampant in misinformation. all to protect their corporate masters.

  14. Hmm, I thought christian was an openhearted, genteel liberal who cared about the underprivileged and misunderstood.

    But he called me a “fool” above, which isn’t very progressive…

    I also wrote him a very polite, friendly email simply asking him if this blog was free and how the software works because I like it.

    He ignored it. The spirit of brotherly bonhommie in action!

    I’m getting the sense he doesn’t like me. I am sad.

  15. Lex, give me a break. You wrote two weeks ago you “fucking despise” me. Words I’ve never used to you. Sometime you act the fool, and by your own admission, buffonish. You have a great fantasy of liberals as limpdicked, but actually, liberals don’t take shit. Except Wells, the self-professed lib who bans all if challenged. So if I challenge you on your own ill-willed projections, be A GOD. I haven’t had a chance to respond to your query. I always welcome your comments on film. What’s sad is your one-man pity party. MAN UP BRO.

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