Edward Woodward RIP

Awesome English character actor Edward Woodward has moved on. I first noted him in my favorite 1980’s TV series, THE EQUALIZER, where he played an ex-agent who uses his bad powers for good, helping random citizens of New York. While my peers were reveling in the pastel pastiche of MIAMI VICE, I couldn’t wait for Woodward’s killer tude and Shakespearean diction to take-down the criminal scum of Fun City. I discovered his earlier work such as BREAKER MORANT and of course, THE WICKER MAN (1973) where he plays the inverse of his bad-ass New York hero. It was good to see him in HOT FUZZ to boot and he will be missed. Now here’s the coolest TV intro and theme from the 80’s, with music by Stewart Copeland:


9 Responses to “Edward Woodward RIP”

  1. Oh how incredibly sad. His two defining roles were The Equalizer and Callan. Oh, and the Wicker Man. So sad that he’s gone.

  2. Never seen CALLAN but I guess that’s how many a young Brit was introduced to him. Must check these out now. How was the show?

    Edgar right wrote a nice tribute to him: http://www.edgarwrighthere.com/2009/11/edward-woodward-1930-2009/

  3. ‘the equalizer’ is epic, i loved that show. woodward was great in everything but he’ll always be McCall to me. peace be the journey, edward

  4. And what a cast — Richard Jordan, who I loved for his quiet slickness; and even his THE YAKUZA co-star, Robert Mitchum! Only Season One of the show has been released on DVD though. I didn’t realize it ran four seasons. It felt shorter. And I used to do a pretty good impersonation of McCall chewing out people in perfect elocution and contempt as he did to just about everybody.

  5. Callan was really good–it’s a *very* long time since I’ve seen it, but it’s pretty similar to The Equalizer. The main differences being that it’s set in the UK and it looks *really* cheap (as did most British TV back in the 70s). Also, this being British TV it tended to be grimmer and less upbeat. Still, great stuff and Woodward was always brilliant. Here’s a clip:

  6. As someone on another blog pointed out, the intro for THE EQUALIZER presents a fear-ridden, crime-infested NYC that is just a few steps away from the nightmarish scenario presented in ESCAPE FROM NY. Loved that show…

  7. The first spec script I wrote was for THE EQUALIZER. I came up with a great idea: a tabloid journalist discovers McCall’s secret service and tracks him down. Pity the show was cancelled after I finished it. And the opening was pure DEATH WISH NY Paranoia…

  8. RIP – Edward Woodward, 79, was best known as TV’s “The Equalizer.” But I love him most for his disdain for Nic Cage. When Cage reprised Woodward’s role in the remake of “The Wicker Man,” Woodward was unimpressed: “I didn’t watch it.”


  9. THE WICKER MAN remake is comedy GOLD.

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