GOP Fearmongers

So I can’t figure it out from the Republican mindset: America bows to no one and we kick ass. But prosecuting the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11 in the city where they did the most damage is…wrong. Because America can’t handle it. Or worse. Now the GOP is reaching into their bag of slime via Louis Gohmert (Texas-R) to accuse Obama and the Democrats of wanting a terror attack so they can push through all their socialist programs.

Happily, this latest example of Republican hate and stupidity is not going unchallenged from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen:

“Congressman Louie Gohmert’s outrageous comments not only insult the victims of 9/11 and their families but also offer the latest evidence that the Republican Party has been taken over by right-wing extremists. House Republicans should immediately condemn Congressman Gohmert’s offensive remarks.

“Whether they’re attending ‘tea party’ rallies featuring Holocaust imagery, comparing health insurance reform to terrorism, or staying silent about plans to burn public officials in effigy, the tenor from House Republicans grows more alarming by the day.

“It’s long past time for the House Republican Leadership to speak out against this disturbing pattern of increasingly extreme rhetoric from their ranks and engage in the constructive search for solutions that America’s many challenges demand.”


7 Responses to “GOP Fearmongers”

  1. that peabrain’s comments are indefensible. I will assume there are valid non fear mongering reasons why putting this terrorist through a civil trial could be a bad idea and will also assume that some dislike it because they have blind hatred for the current administration. But enough of my assumptions.

    I am genuinely interested to learn your arguments as to why you regard AG Holder’s decision as favorable to a military tribunal.

  2. I think it’s a spectacular idea. And since we’ve done it before with Gulliani’s approval, there’s no reason not to now. I can’t imagine why we shouldn’t. If you want to use America as an example for justice, here ya go. I know some of the 9/11 families aren’t happy since they think it gives the terrorists a platform, but I’d say their word is already out there. It’s a brave move.

    • I’m a thankful fascist, pleased that a discussion can exist; I only wish it could occur without the childish name calling from both sides –something for which I’m guilty of doing in an earlier response. Now, I’ve read your response and still don’t know why you regard a civil trial as superior to a military tribunal. Because it’s a healthy gesture to the world? I’ve not yet watched Holder explain his decision to congress, but I really hope it was based on firm legal standing.

      Please don’t read too much into my questions/comments. I’m trying to learn more about the legal side of these matters and always value hearing from perspectives likely different from my own.

      • We tried previous terrorists in civil trial, as McVeigh was. I mean, shouldn’t the citizens of New York get their due process? I can’t think of a better way to display our system of law to the world. I hope it doesn’t become a TV Trial, but this weird fear about letting the terrorists have a public forum is moot. They had one and it involved killing 3000 people. Who’s going to be brought to their team? And I hope this becomes a precedent since we are holding many people in captivity at Guatanamo and elsewhere who have yet to be charged with anything.

        • I completely agree that the ‘giving them a platform’ argument is weak. i guess i’m not really concerned with displaying our system to the world. I want whatever process with best ensure justice. I’m also ~conflicted with why this al-Qaeda member receives the luxury our our legal system while others currently receive drone death from above.

  3. I can’t believe there is even a discussion, much less a controversy, about trying KSM in NYC. These right-wingers are both chicken s**t & fascistic when it comes to American jurisprudence.

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