Friday Song: Ben Folds Five

Normally, any late 90’s band with the name Ben Folds Five would probably not be allowed near my disc-rack or turntable. But I was feeling brave and bouncy, looking for some new indie rawk to act as background to Saturday cleaning during my Berkeley Days circa 1997. I had heard snippets of Ben Folds Five 1995 debut, and since I am a fan of rollicking piano music, I took a chance and picked up their second disc, “Whatever And Ever Amen.” Happily, this was the perfect record to clean by, and I still have fond memories of vacuming while listening to this even today. Although I never developed into a major fan, here’s “Battle Of Who Could Care Less,” a witty song about slacker apathy and my favorite BFF tune with my favorite lyrics of the 90’s (“This should cheer you up for sure/See I’ve got your old I.D./And you’re all dressed up like the Cure”). So bust out the duster and sing along. Or don’t. I don’t care. Really.


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