Its WAR.

From right-wing think-tank, the cloture of a middling Health Care bill has inspired the next generation of neo-civil war veterans. Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammo:

“I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees. Our next actions must be carefully planned. VERY carefully planned. Soft targets are best for lone wolves. Take care of yourself.”

Here’s another manifesto from a FOX/Beck/Palin proto-warrior:

“Its WAR. The American congress has declared war against the American people. They voted to impose slavery on 99 % of the country. This is war on our freedom. This is exactally why there is a need for revolution. These democrats dont care about the safety of their familys. Pick a target, (tides, acorn, americorp) people, and study it, Stay stealth until its time. There will now be a revolution. when it starts, it will not end until all the radical groups are wiped out. I will die for GOD for my family and for my freedom. We must now fight and wipe out the traitors in the government. When we get rid of them, we will regain all the great things our country stands for. Evil must be now wiped out. Good luck everyone, you’re not alone.”


8 Responses to “Its WAR.”

  1. These people are SCARY. Luckily most of them are all talk and no action. If anyone did take “action” they would find themselves confronted with the criminal justice system.

    But these folks have really had too much kool aid at this point. They really believe that attempting to cover everyone in the U.S. with a health care plan is “slavery”. Wow, talk about railing against your own self-interest.

    It amazes me that when the left is the minority in power we don’t have all this talk of “revolution” and taking over. But when the right is the minority they just go completely ape shit. What is wrong with these people? They don’t seem to understand how our government works.

    • Well, some have been acting. The loon that shot up that church had Hannity and O’Reilly books and I’m sure a steady diet of FOX and Rush.

      And to think that it’s HEALTH CARE that’s going to start the bloody revolution. We’ll kill you if that kid gets medicine! The terrorists don’t need to work too hard to ferment discord with these yahoos running around with their guns.

      And the fact that they despise “government” is a whole other hilarious irony.

  2. hey, i might sound like a doofus asking this but isn’t there a line between ‘free speech’ and ‘criminal hate speech/incited of terrorism?’ because to me the quote above would appear to flirt dangerously close to if not cross that line, if there indeed is such a provision in the law.

    • I’d be wary of how to categorize it in terms of Hate Speech, although it is clearly Crazy Speech laced with hate. But it’s really Fear Speech.

      Where were these Patriots for the last eight years?


    JEB IN 12. YEP YEP.

  4. That’ll happen the same time THE GOODS II shows up in theatres….

  5. When Obama gets this bill passed, boy, then we’re gonna hear some screaming on the Right.

  6. I fear we’ll hear more than that.

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