Spotlight please. Can you hear me? Is this thing on-ON-ON-ON-ON-ON…okay, sorry. Now that I’ve got your undivided attention…I started this “blog” — truly the ugliest word of the 21st century — a little over a year and a half ago as a way to pimp essays, articles and whatnot that I wouldn’t be able to find a published home for elsewhere. Thanks to the disintegration of print media, with ill-conceived cheerleading by folks like Kos and Andrew Sullivan, we will all be blogging for 15 minutes in the future. I’ve grown quite addicted to my site and the ability to get insta-gratification out of fresh electronic screeds, and having a word-baby like this requires constant love and supervision.

But no man is an island, and neither is TECHNICOLOR DREAMS. I require a readership, and comments to fuel the esthetic fire. I get all tingly when I see a new comment from Leah or Chuck or Craig or JKeeling or THE FUTURIST! or Bob or even LexG and all the others (like “Romper Room” I can see frankbooth and J.D. and Daniel…). And in little over one year the site has expanded its audience to a surprising level to me and I’m honored anybody clicks over here to partake. There’s so much exquisite film and culture writing out there in cyber-space, it makes me sad the market for words has been devalued thanks to the democracy of the web. It’s an irony that historians will appreciate more than us someday. But my audience cares, and without your readership I would be alone (but not lonely) out here in the digital ether.

So while I am grateful for many things in this crazy, mixed-up world straddled between two centuries, as far as this blog goes, I bow in honor of your continued patronage.

Thank you.

Spotlight OFF. Back to our regularly scheduled programing:

Snoopy fighting a chair:


17 Responses to “Thanks”

  1. i’m a big fan of ‘tech dreams’, christian, i’ve been reading longer than commenting but i always enjoy your eclectic, informative, groovy mix of film, culture, music, politics (and skidoo!), long may it live. i also feel you make an effort to engage with your commenters in a meaningful way, which makes commenting here (and even just reading the comments) a more intimate experience, and more interesting than having a list of opinions on a blog that often never leads to any interesting discussion, or just snark.

    (hope that makes sense, i’m all in)

  2. I noticed every film blogger (and every blogger I know) did one of these “Thankful” posts this week.

    Always gotta be the buzzkill here, but I can’t entirely relate.

    Honestly, this is an extremely lonely holiday for me. I have no real friends whatsoever and don’t live within 2,000-plus miles of any family whatsoever. I will be celebrating, as I do every day, by drinking vodka, whiskey and beer, crying to myself over some iPod cuts from a happier time in my life, pathetically dreaming of fantasy women I’ll never meet, and more than likely entertaining notions of suicide.

    Christmas will be more of the same. Such is the life of a total loner and misanthrope. Yeah, I can get a couple coworkers to go to the titty bar once every four months or so, but that’s the extent of my social life. A good day for movie is going to a movie… alone.

    I go whole weeks without speaking to another human beyond cursory conversations with fast food clerks and supermark cashiers.

    I hate this day, I hate pilgrims, I hate my life, and I hate myself.

    Fuck Thanksgiving.

    • We know this Lex and so do you . Try something new. Seek counseling. Just to talk to somebody. They’re not categorizing you. You’re too smart. Hang in there.

  3. Oh, I forgot to add that my “Thanksgiving feast” will be a bag of Doritos and a Salisbury Steak Stouffer’s frozen entree that cost 2.50.

    Maybe I’ll go all out and order a censored porno off PPV.

  4. Thank you, as well, Christian, for reading and commenting on THE FUTURIST!’s lowly little corner of eccentricity. It was wonderful to see you take note of the blog and one can only, seemingly, thank SHOCKtober for bringing both THE FUTURIST! and Christian together. Not sure how it originally happened, but THE FUTURIST! is a big fan of Mr. Peel’s blog and he thinks that that was the conduit to your site. It was instantly attracting and illuminating. Knowing you do let your eyes stray to the thoughts in Utter Despair NJ makes things a tad more brighter. It’s enjoyable to note that one coast can connect to the other without words verbal, but electronically transmitted through these creative blogs. Have a wonderful holiday.

  5. Hey Christian: I discovered TD earlier this year and ever since I’ve checked in just about every day for a quick fix of film appreciation/GOP gawking. I don’t usually leave comments at websites/blogs (I’m quite shy, you see), but after reading your lovely, heartfelt post here, it occurred to me that the least I could do is give you a personal word of thanks for what by now must add up to hours of entertainment. Cheers.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Christian.

  7. Thanks much for reading and for peering out. I’m always interested into those whose who read TD and whose names I’ll never know…

  8. I’m a recent patron to this fine blog and have been hooked ever since. Keep on keepin’ on, my friend – you are definitely one of the more original voices out there in cyberspace.

  9. Thank you! So now you can add the site to your blogroll;]

  10. my love to you, proud subversive minister of all dreams eternal (in pale, ol, pastel délavé technicolor).


  11. Christian: Consider your site added!

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