Happy Birthday to Woody, Richard Pryor, Bette Midler, Treat Williams and all the other Sagittarian geniuses born today…


13 Responses to “Born”

  1. Astro signs are BULLSHIT, and if you believe that New Age horseshit I fucking give up. There are Asian schools that are grouped by AGE and DATE OF BIRTH; You telling me every one of those kids has the same psychology and fortune?

    HOROSCOPES are for the same dumb hot chicks who are flighty and stupid and into Yoga but as guys we put up with it because we want to lay pipe into them.

    There is NOTHING. There is the HERE AND NOW, and NOTHING ELSE. No horoscopes, no fucking psychics, NO RELIGION, NOTHING.

    That said, PLAY IT AGAIN SAM *was* great to me when I first saw it at age 10, it has some great Woody lines and it’s a nice romance, but when I found out Woody didn’t technically direct it, but that journeyman Herb Ross did, it INSANT disqualified from consideration because I’m an AUTEURIST and if The Wood Man didn’t call the shots?


    • christian Says:

      PLAY IT AGAIN AM is better directed than any of Woody’s pre-ANNIE HALL films. It’s my favorite of his early films.

      You must be a Scorpio, right?


    I am so lonely and sad and horny and will CLEARLY never have sex again in my life.

    I can’t think of a single thing that makes me happy anymore.

    SO DEPRESSED. Someone even gave me a headsup on a working girl but I am too broke.

    LIFE SUCKS. Why are women SO FUCKING EVIL?

    • christian Says:

      So you’d rather be depressed than seek counseling because you fear your individuality will be stripped from you? For reals? I say seek the counseling. You can let out the better angels. And get laid.

  3. Happy Birthday Christian

  4. Happy Birthday Chris!

    I couldn’t find a birthday themed video to my liking, so I sent this along instead:

  5. Happy birthday!

    Speaking of Woody, rewatched “Husbands and Wives” the other night. One of my favorites of his.

  6. Happy Birthday greetings, Christian. i hope you treat yourself to something special and have a great day full of adoration and the receiving of lavish gifts!

  7. Happy B-day! You share it with some auspicious company.

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