Friday Song: Mazzy Star

Mazzy Star was one of the soundtracks to boho-rooms, bars and coffeeshops through the early 90’s, the band’s drowsy heroin blue romanticism filling spaces on muggy summer days or chilly winter nights. Images of dried flowers and incense sticks arise whenever I hear their music. Of course, I am in love with singer Hope Sandoval as are most of you fans, bedazzled by this archetypal gothic waif floating through melancholy soundscapes. Mazzy Star is no more, but Sandoval sings on in solo as befits her loner aura. In tribute to her former band, here’s “Flowers In December,” a lovely track from their final disc, “Among My Swan,” which provided my own sonic backdrop at Berkeley. Listening to this song is almost as good as walking pensive through crystal-cold fields at dawn…almost…


6 Responses to “Friday Song: Mazzy Star”

  1. Nice way to start my Friday. Thanks.

    Did you ever listen to Cowboy Junkies’ Trinity Sessions?

    Some reason Mazzy Star always reminded me of a slightly less narcotized and ethereal version. Probably because of the similarity between the leads

  2. christian Says:

    Trinity Sessions is very good, tho I thought Cowboy Junkies were less narcotized, though they are tonally similar. The Junkies “Miles From Home” disc from 1998 is one of my roadtrip favorites and far more bouyant than anything by Mazzy Star. Have you listened to that one? Good stuff and a secret song at the end of the final track.

  3. Love Mazzy Star and also have a crush on Hope. I got to see them open up for The Jesus and Mary Chain during the Stoned and Dethroned tour… I have never seen a more reserved, introspective singer! There was this annoying couple in front of me that made out during Mazzy Star’s entire set. Get a room!

    Anyways, “Blue Light” was always my fave song by them. Great imagery, hypnotic music… wow.

    • christian Says:

      I’ve heard she’s incredibly fragile and withdrawn on stage. My friends saw her at this initimate club in Sacramento and said people were talking through her set like it was background music. Awful.

      Yes, “Blue Light” is right up there at the top of the best.

  4. I think I had Miles from Home but never listened to it and the ex-girlfriend took custody of it when she moved out all her shit that same year.

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