The Whiny Wizard of Kos

Proto-Republican blogger Markos again stamps his wee little foot down because the Health Care Bill isn’t everything he wants it to be. Never mind that no President in 60 years has come close (and look what happened to Hillary Clinton in the 90’s). But the petulant ADD Twitter Kos Kidz are going to show America! They won’t vote! They’ll let Sarah Palin be President! That’ll school us after less than a year of Obama. And of course, it was the Daily Kos that pimped many of the “Blue Dogs” the site is aghast at. The lack of insight and reality is staggering there. Again, so you know: Markos Moulitas is NOT a liberal nor progressive. He’s a Libertarian Conservative who has no desire to enact change, only rake in money and amass hits on his increasingly irrelevant site — and revel in the sports fantasy conflict that is the basis for his ever-shifting politics. Oh, but he gave fuel to Rush Limbaugh today who gleefully quotes Kos and his hissy fit. If there was ever a pundit on the “left” less insightful or incorrect than Moulitas, I can’t think of one.


14 Responses to “The Whiny Wizard of Kos”

  1. I’m not sure which annoys me more, the Boehner “Just say No to everything” crowd or actual honest-to-god Obama voters who acted like he was Jesus during the election and have now totally turned on him (coughcoughJeffWellscough)

    The dude inherited a massive shit sandwich and there was every indication during the election that he’d be a moderate consensus builder. That’s exactly what he’s trying to do and I have to say I think he’s going to end up finding success.

    Is it going to be the health care plan I want? Probably not, though it’ll be better than what we have now which is a national embarrassment.

    Am I just being stupid thinking we should be a little patient with the way the administration is handling things?

    • I think you nailed it with your comment, Craig. It took 8 long months (that I don’t wish to repeat then, or in the future with Palin) to get into this mess. Everything not being solved within 1 year of this administration is beyond unrealistic. I think it’s fine to voice frustration, but an alternative Kos seems to be saying is as dumb as W. As for Limbaugh, he’s the only person I know that looks fat in black (and that is his is only asset). Good post and comment by the two of you. Thanks.

      • I wrote a long comment that got lost…WAHHH. Short version: Obama is one dude, and while I wish he would step up, he outwits his foes with a different style. I don’t miss Bush and idiots like Jeff Wells who thought Obama was going to ride in on a unicorn — they’re the source of much of the whining. And if the country wants to hand back the reigns to the no-plan Republicans, we’re screwed. But I don’t think that will happen. And the spineless corporatist Dems might get booted too. But in eight months Obama has done an incredible amount of work, it’s bizarre the nation doesn’t see it. Only the Right I guess…they scream the loudest.

  2. I’m enjoying this oasis of general agreement. I get depressed whenever I tune into the media and see all the complaining. It was bad enough when it was just McCain, Boehner and that other weasel Cantor, but now it’s Huffington and a bunch of others.

    If he wasn’t doing something good, the Righties wouldn’t be crying about it right now.

    You have to figure he’s navigating between two broken parties and the fact that we seem to be on the verge of any kind of health care at all is pretty amazing.

    Afghanistan? Well, that’s a fuzzier problem. I’m against war period, but we started this one and I’m not comfortable with us just bailing. In this case I think he’s found a middle way that I’m comfortable with (which of course everyone hates). He’s applying a little extra muscle to see if we can get the job done by doing it right, but with limits and plenty of expectations placed on the Afghanis. It gives us a chance for success, but also leaves the door open for a semi-honorable exit if it doesn’t work out.

    Will it work? I’m pessimistic, but he’s taking the best bite possible out of a giant shit sandwich.

  3. I blame this interweb 24/7 news cycle. Not an hour can’t go by without breathless wheezing about this or that. Arianna Huffington has turned out to be the worst of the chicken littles, her site a buffett of misleading headlines and crackpot celebrity science. Like Kos, she was a former Republican and it’s still deep within her bosom. I imagine the white noise affects us more who read these sites than the triple-digit millions who don’t.

    Strangely, most of my liberal friends are happy with Obama despite the war and Gitmo, etc. So I take the gnashing and petulance as the worst aspect of the online world. And Kos is getting his smug ass handed to him on his post, so we shall see.

  4. I hope you’re right and that it’s only the people who live inside this weird 24/7 media bubble who are impacted and that regular people are “staying the course” to borrow a phrase from Bush I.

    I never thought I’d be as annoyed with my own side though as I am with the Birthers and Tea Baggers and Apologist in Chiefers.

  5. Hear hear! I’m disappointed that this health care bill has been watered down as much as it has, but this is progress, as incremental as it may be. We’ve got a good, decent (and intelligent!) man in the white house for a change and while I may be frustrated by Obama’s attempts to appease a disgruntled minority party that insists on behaving like a bunch of spoiled six year-olds, I trust him to do his best. After the last 8 years, that’s a great feeling.

  6. Short of a disaster, Obama will be re-elected in 2012. You heard it here.

  7. Aussie Boy Says:

    This health care bill is not “progress.” It is the opposite. It is a step backwards. It is nothing more than a reinforcement of the existing for-profit private insurance system,. Notwithstanding one or two minor regulations which will be easily sidestepped by insurance companies, the “reform” effort is a massive gift to an industry whose very existence is the central problem with health care in America. Obama has sold out the American public by forcing some Americans to buy, and others to retain, the rank obscenity that is for-profit private health insurance. The people on this site who talk about being grateful for “incremental progress” are delusional. Obama and the other corporate stooges in the Democratic Party leadership have profoundly betrayed us and to watch you all bend over and take it deep with a smile is revolting.

  8. “Obama and the other corporate stooges in the Democratic Party leadership have profoundly betrayed us and to watch you all bend over and take it deep with a smile is revolting.”

    That kind of extremist talk is revolting. In fact, you even used Rush Limbaugh’s line about Obama bending us over. Good job!

    The bill is a start. People will benefit from it, especially in the Medicare section if people 55 can enter into it. There’s a few million lives helped right there. It’s not what I wanted, but then, I have no illusions about our broken system and what it’s taken to get to this point (less than a year into Obama’s term!). But I’m willing to give Obama a chance to reform it in the next few years and if he becomes another stooge, I’ll kick him to the curb.

    So go ahead, call Obama a war criminal and a corporate whore while he’s turned over Bush policy on stem-cell research, climate change, education, drug wars, infrastructure, regulations and hopefully soon, the wars. Then if we get another Republican in charge, you can go back to fighting the same battles to no end. This is why progressives suck at governance: purity tests.

  9. Aussie Boy Says:

    What I’m saying is not extreme in the least. What’s happening is obvious – the bill is a filthy joke and a betrayal of specific campaign promises made by Obama (“I will NOT tolerate a private mandate!”) — but this cannot be acknowledged by the True Believers who explain every right-wing gesture made by Obama as the brilliant though unforunate strategic parry of a political Jedi-master. This is crap. If it quacks, it’s a duck, and Obama quacks like a right-wing corporate Democrat, just like his Dem-Prez predecessor, Bill Clinton, a traitor to working people whose massive complicity in the current financial calamity is blithely ignored by herds of clueless Democratic loyalists. If a Republican president were passing the kind of hyper-privatization bill that Obama is throwing in our faces — not an unlikely scenario — you would all be screaming about corporate totalitarianism and the horror of state power being used to force Americans to buy a rancid, murderous product like private health insurance.
    By the way, Rush Limbaugh is not opposed to Obama’s reform package. Rush Limbaugh is opposed to the Democratic Party. Ultimately Rush Limbaugh is a shill for the Republican Party. Like Obama, the Republicans are bought and sold by corporate interests. Republicans are indeed more venal — racist, fascist, and steered by a lunatic religious fringe. But make no mistake — Limbaugh and his neo-Nazi Republican brethren do not oppose this health care reform. Why? Because their corporate masters — who are also the Democrats’ corporate masters — want it. So it will pass. And Limbaugh et al. know this. All the screaming and hysteria is political theater — nothing more — a disinformation strategy to retake the Congress and White House. Limbaugh knows Obama’s health reform is not “socialized medicine.” It is the opposite — corporate medicine. Medical profiteering. Limbaugh knows this and it is the system he wants. He’s just using an old trick — by accusing something that is right-wing of being left-wing, you succeed in moving the bar further to the right. Just like when the Right accuses the media of being liberal. Anyway, Rush is correct when he uses the metaphor of buggery to describe what’s happening to the American people (in several respects). Only Rush himself is one of the rapists.

  10. Aussie Boy Says:

    I often hear people apologizing for Obama because he’s been in office for less than a year. Those who say this seem to take it on faith that Obama is trying to make changes that repudiate the radical neoconservative foreign policies and radical neoliberal economic policies of Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush II.
    The problem is this: During his first year in office many if not most of Obama’s policies have embraced and/or expanded the right-wing policies of his recent predecessors.
    Obama has dramatically increased the US military budget. Obama has expanded the use of drone killing machines in Pakistan and Afghanistan.(700 civilians in Pakistan killed by Obama’s drong strikes so far.) Obama has expanded the architecture for a permanent US occupation in Iraq. Obama has twice escalated the war in Afghanistan, with US troops and mercenaries approaching 200,000. Obama has not lifted a finger to curtail the illegal and morally reprehensible US-financed occupation of the Palestinian territories by Israel. Obama has backed off from his pledge to close Guantanamo in a year. He has created an Orwellian 3-tier “justice” system for detainees current and future — those guranteed to be convicted will be tried in court (and if by some chance are found not guilty, will NOT be released); those whose convictions are uncertain will be subject to military commissions; and the rest will be held INDEFINITELY WITHOUT CHARGE. That’s Obama’s system, not Bush’s. Obama has elected to continue renditions. Obama has obstructed any and all efforts to bring accountability to war criminals past and future — including John Yoo, on behalf of whom he took steps this week to forever immunize from lawsuits or prosecution. Obama has taken radical steps to consolidate executive power and state secrecy. Obama has given the private insurance companies everything they want — a purely private for-profit system — in his effort to “reform” health care. Obama has given the banks close to $13 trillion dollars of taxpayer money — the greatest transfer of wealth in human history — and refuses to entertain serious financial reform. (The reforms that are being discussed and a joke, signed off on by Wall Street.) Obama has given Goldman Sachs and its ilk the keys to the Treasury — Geithner, Summers, Bernanke; these are financial criminals who belong in jauil. Obama just gave a (again, Orwellian) speech at Oslo (for a peace prize) claiming that America’s wars have maintained security and stability in the last 60 years. Tell that to the millions we have slaughtered over the last 60 years.
    Obama is a right-wing, militaristic Democrat. When I say that, I’m not referring to what he says (many of his speeches are indeed beautiful), I’m referring to what he does. He has done a lot in the first year, and much of it is disgraceful.

  11. I guess I ought to spell check. Sorry about that.
    One more quick point. You take issue with the use of the term “war criminal” with regards to Obama.
    Three illegal wars — in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan — are being conducted under Obama’s leadership. Obama has escalated two of those wars.
    Illegal wars are “war crimes.”
    The leaders who commit war crimes are called “war criminals.”
    Under the principles of both Geneva and Nuremberg any military strike that has a likelihood of killing civilians that then results in the killing of civilians is a war crime.
    It is now well-documented that Obama has ordered several such strikes that have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians.
    Those are “war crimes.”
    Commited by Obama.
    Someone who commits war crimes is a “war criminal.”

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