Friday Song: The Beatles

Here’s a real gear clip from the Ed Sullivan Show in 1966, with the Beatles premiering “Rain,” the incredible B-side to “Paperback Writer.” These two songs highlighted the group’s advanced experimentation in style and song as did their release, “Revolver.” Ringo Starr considers this his finest drumming, and Lennon claims it’s the first time backwards masking was used on a song. As it stands, “Rain” is one of my absolute favorite Beatles track. And perfect for this wet gray day.

6 Responses to “Friday Song: The Beatles”

  1. I’m never seen this clip (and I’m old enough to have seen this Sullivan show when it first came out)! Guess I was out of the house. Great find, Christian.

    • The film version is quite wonderful, but the Beatles here are the height of their studio 60’s sunglasses pre-hippie draggy druggy freewheelin’ cool.

  2. And I like to think that the more radio-friendly “Paperback Writer” wasn’t the actual hit, but “Rain” was. But both songs are perfect examples of the Lennon-McCartney binary. And how interesting they weren’t even included on “Revolver” as “Strawberry Fields Forever/Penny Lane” weren’t on Sgt Pepper.s…

  3. i came to The Beatles rather late in life; mutual friend Adam turned me on ~5 years ago. I bought the White Album, and ‘Happiness Is A Warm Gun’ put quite a hook in me. Other albums and hooks followed. My favorite tracks include ‘Because’ and ‘Blue Jay Way’.

    • Better late than never…my fave Beatles tracks are “Rain” “I’m Only Sleeping” “Fixing a Hole” “Tomorrow Never Knows” and of course, “A Day In The Life”….and about 20 more songs.

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