One of my favorite Dean Martin songs has new relevance after the city elects its first gay mayor.


8 Responses to “Houston”

  1. I wouldn’t automatically think Dean Martin and country would mix, but in retrospect his smooth, easy and laid back delivery seems almost made for it. Houston is a classic, though my favorite of Dino’s country phase is Bummin’ Around. It’s a little less overtly country, but it’s great.

    • Yeah, that’s a good one too. I thought his lazy style fit well with country, Sinatra, however, couldn’t pull it off in his epic “Watertown.” Too motherfucking suave.

  2. Yeah, Sinatra is so not country. Not that he should be, though some of the lengths he went to in the 60s and beyond to remain relevant as the music changed were kind of silly. I prefer Frank’s years at Capitol.

    • I do love his mid 60’s cool like “Summer Wind” and “This Town”. His live at the Sands disc from 66 is pretty swinging.

  3. I cut my teeth on Summer Wind by way of Pope of Greenwich Village, but I grew to love the 50s stuff.

    This Town is pretty awesome. His version of Downtown is great too.

    Also like his duet with Nancy, Somethin’ Stupid.

    Ok, I love a lot of the 60s stuff.

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