Happy New Year Song

Could I be more bloody obvious? I know you’re sick of this tune and it’s been burned out at parties and commercials for years. A whole ten years in fact. Which is why it seems apropos to close out the decade with the song that brought it in for me in 1999. And the fact is, I still like Sting’s breezy melodic anthem, if only annually. Not to mention this lovely live version features Stevie Wonder on harp — and if that doesn’t give you hope for 2010, then stand up!


6 Responses to “Happy New Year Song”

  1. happy new year xian !

  2. christian Says:

    See you in France soon!

  3. happy new year tech dreams, long may you be psychedelic! (it’s been 2010 here for 2 days now, a weird feeling. 2010. remember when you were like 12 daydreaming in your bedroom and thinking, “man, in 2010 i’ll be so old!”. time marches on, and gravity is a bitch, but life is good)

  4. christian Says:

    Thanks for the wishes. Same to you and the Wonder Boy.

    I remember thinking that by 2010, I would be jetting through space…Still have a few more years yet…

  5. yeah, shouldn’t we at least have some cool hover boards a la ‘BTTF 2’ by now, and holograms and such? we don’t have nearly enough wicked tech for 2010, we’re lagging!

  6. christian Says:

    I think Jim Cameron is hoarding it all…

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