Sometimes I think American parents hate their kids. Why else would a corporate monstrosity like ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKEL (ow that makes me gulliver hurt) make 70 million dollars in a few days and the unique, charming, wonderful THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX go unwatched by the masses? A cross between Nick Park and Rankin/Bass, this is the perfect distillation of Wes Anderson’s diorama-esque design and narrative, with excellent voice support from George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Schwarztman, Bill Murray and especially William Dafoe. Of course, I’m sold on any film that starts out with the Beach Boys “Heroes & Villains.” Don’t delay, see today. This is one of the best films of the year, claws down.


14 Responses to “Fantastic!”

  1. Yep. It was one of the unexpected and best films I saw (with my kids) last year.

  2. christian Says:

    I knew you were already a great parent;] How did the kids like it?

  3. My thoughts exactly. “Where the Wild Things Are” didn’t do too great at the BO either. And this hideous-looking computerized chipmunk crap will end up making a hundred times more than that and Mr. Fox combined. There is no God.

  4. christian Says:

    Well, at least God gave us this wonderful film. It’s up to us to spread the gospels;]

  5. This is definitely a wonderful movie. I think the low turn-out had something to do with a. a weird prejudice against stop-motion and b. the fact that most people suck.

    • christian Says:

      Well, I thought it would appeal to the Tim Burton/Sellick niche, and just good WOM. But it might have seemed too hip for the kids or not hip enough for the hipsters.

  6. the boy and i loved ‘the fox’ also.

    i’ve recently introduced him to wes via ‘rushmore’ and ‘bottle rocket’ (he thinks dignan is like the funniest thing ever to wear pants) and it turns out he’s watched ‘the darjeeling ltd’ elsewhere on cable, which i didn’t realise, so it was terrific to experience a new wes in the cinema with him for the first time (he pointed out to me after ‘the fox’ was over that wes anderson “writes his lines [‘lines’ meaning dialog] a certain way”. ain’t it the truth, wes is one unique mutherfucker, long may he do his own thing)

  7. This is one of the best (if not the best) films of the year. No worries, “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” is going to have a long, long afterlife on home video, etc. & will be remembered long after “The Squeakuel” has been forgotten. Wes Anderson gets extra points for featuring The Bobby Fuller Four’s “Let Her Dance”. “What the cuss!?!?”

    • christian Says:

      Yep. I’m already chomping at the bit for a Blu-ray with lotsa extra features. Great soundtrack, and I’m mad because I wanted to use Heroes & Villains for a title scene!

  8. simply amazing. much more sense of wonder to get in there than in where the wild things are, imho. 100% cynism free movie making. talking about a rare event…

    still hasn’t opened yet in france…

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