Random Blog Comment of the Day: “A truck-driving nude model with an American Idol-loser as a daughter winning on an anti-health care platform because his opponent got some sport facts wrong, in a meta-liberal state? This is a referendum on the American voter.”


18 Responses to “Massholes”

  1. I hate EVERYBODY today (& this rain ain’t helping matters). From hereon, the words “health care reform” will now be referred to as “round stick”. What the cuss!?!?!

  2. christian Says:

    I’m trying to keep it real myself today Bob. But Coakley ran a shitty campaign and Americans are pros at voting against their own interest (see Bush, George). Brown is a nimrod with one campaign slogan and we’ll see how far that satisfies the Mass voters – -who also put Romney in power so it’s not like there’s no precedence.

    But watching the weak dems cave like Webb makes me ill.

    Things could be worse. Haiti for one.

  3. I’m upset that Brown shoplifted vinyl when he was twelve.

    That Brown’s platform included being against current Health Care Legislation is a substantive gripe, but citing his truck driving and daughter’s Idol aspirations is fucking pathetic. And the shot at Mass. voters is not surprising, because one must *always* assume voters are dolts when they haven’t behaved according to your wishes.

    It was after the 2006 midterm elections that mutual friend AC came to me, gloating (rightfully so), asking what I thought about the sweeping D-Party victory. I told him that I thought it was great. It is always good to take the people’s pulse. An election is a wonderful thing. The county is, and always will be, comprised of a spectrum of political opinion, and this should be reflected by our representatives. Would you have it any other way?

    For those concerned over Health Care Legislation, consider this: it was admirable/ambitious but perhaps a mistake for our President to so aggressively pursue reform while the economy is in a shambles. He should train his entire focus on the economy/job-creation. With an economy on sure footing, I believe voters will be more amendable to reforming Health Care.

  4. I’m sick to my stomach.

    Fuck Massachusetts. They HAVE health care.

    Yes, it might’ve been politically wise for Obama to spend the last year wringing his hands about the economy (do we really think a president can movie the needle one way or the other?), but in the long term, it’s health care that is going to fuck our economy worse than it is now.

    People have the attention spans of the average meth head.

    I haven’t been this pissed and disappointed with my fellow countrymen since Bush was re-elected.

    • christian Says:

      What you said. And funnily enough, the biggest meth heads are in the heartlands and bible-belts. But honestly, people that would vote for the GOP back in power after eight years of destruction shows what kind of state we’re in. Not that Coakley didn’t deserve to lose based on the limp campaign she ran. But she is a prosecutor and does have work to do. More now.

      But still, the whole “referendum on Obama/Health Care” is a right wing media meme and should be scrutinized.

  5. christian Says:

    Yeah, it’s cheap but so is Brown pondering aloud on TV the legitmacy of Obama’s parents marriage. The Dems ran a terrible campaign and Americans are now transfering their rage from GOP to DNC with or without reason. But let Brown in and we’ll see how the GOP can only do one thing and that’s block anything Obama tries, despite his obvious bipartisanship, use tools like Limbaugh and Beck to fuel misplaced populist rage, combined with a corporatist system that some folks are finally seeing the limits of capitalism.

    Health Care is part of national security. Accepting millions to struggle, suffer or die only disables the economy and is not an public option for patience. Republicans shoved a deadly bullshit war onto us that’s cost the trillions they want to pin on Democrats. They’ve showed absolute feckless leadership and think-tank military-industrial socialism. We know that we tortured and covered-up deaths at Gitmo under Bush/Cheney trial lawyers. Why should I listen to their servants? The GOP are saying the same thing only louder. NO. That’s not a solution while people are dying. And Brown will turn out to be a short-termer.

  6. Aussie Boy Says:

    This election was in fact a referendum on Obama. The right wing media, however, is distorting the nature of that referendum. The right-wing media would have you believe that this outcome is a result of Barack Obama governing too far to the left, such that the teabaggers rose up and elected Brown.

    This election was a referendum on Obama, but not by the teabaggers. This was a referedum on Obama by his disallusioned Democratic base.

    The outcome of this election is a result of widespread and legitimate disenchanment among Democratics over Obama’s slavish capitulations to the health insurance and financial industries. These are Democrats who hoped for real and sustainable health care reform and understand the corporate-whore version of “reform” that Obama is imposing would do much more harm to working people in this country than good. These are Democrats who see a president in bed with Wall Street and unwilling to use any political capital to institute critical and meaningful financial reforms.

    The Demcoratic base in Massachusetts, disallusioned with a corporate-friendly, militaristic president governing well to the right of center, stayed home yesterday. That’s what happens when politicians betray the people who elect them.

    The outcome of this election is indeed horrifying. But given Obama’s perpetual sell-outs to big business and military interests, entirely predictable.


    This guy seems cool and has a HOT DAUGHTER; AYLA BROWN was one of the dreamiest chicks in the history of AI; The other daughter is pretty cute too.

    BIG FAN. AYLA POWER. Also, I don’t live in Mass. and neither do any of you guys, so what’s the problem? You get to look at a HOT CHICK more often.

    And Curt Schilling and Lenny Clarke like him, so BOW.

  8. this is realy weird. when i was in seattle a couple of months back, i saw people in the street claiming that obama was hitler, drawing little moustaches under his nose. i was offended. i mean, as a european, i m offended to see history and continuity destroyed by private corporate meddlings – that is maybe a fatality, but hey, are we supposed to just squirm ? these free market, hyper liberal, post modern fascists. we have the same here, under the guise of *true* republicanism. words are twisted, figures are reversed wnad what used to stand for freedom now stands for alienation. they are turning langage against us.

    • christian Says:

      When were you in Seattle? And why didn’t you let me know? I was up there a couple months ago too.

      Thanks to the internet and 24/7 corporate media cycle, there is no TRUTH anymore – only your perception of it. Truth is a market now.

  9. was there err, for PAX, september. only 3 days. i ll be back soon (redmond, you know, the “village”) !

    don t get me wrong, post modern aware of itself is good. these people believe in the lies they pruduce. double think.

    are we fucked ?

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