So let me get this straight, it’s a screen without a keyboard. Half a laptop. How does that help? Where does it go? Does it sit on my lap or table? Am I to be looking down at all times? Do I want to type on a soft screen? How do you watch a 16:9 movie with a 4:3 ratio? Are you to read books? How? Hold it up? Prop it up? Then you have a laptop without a lap — in other words, a screen. Why?


6 Responses to “whyPad?”

  1. no multitasking ! piece of crap ! ^^

  2. christian Says:

    No USB or Flash either.

  3. “ask why”‘ used to be the enron motto.

  4. iDont get it either.

  5. “idont”

    lol jkeeling

    me neither. maybe you have to prop it up against a wall, or it comes with a neck brace to keep you from being disfigured from constantly looking down (it’s as if somebody had what they thought was a brilliant idea when they were high as a kite — “hey you know what would be super cool? just a screen all by itself!” — and then forgot to cancel the order the next morning when they’d sobered up and realised it was absurdly user unfriendly)

  6. it appears to be an attempt to bridge the gulf between the iPhone and the iMac … but i don’t see that such a gulf exists. But, I shouldn’t underestimate Apple. They are a remarkable company IMO.

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