Friday Song: The Asylum Street Spankers

I have a strange relationship with this incredibly popular yet unknown band from the green oasis of Texas, Austin. When I was living in Dallas, a co-worker passed me a copy of “Bud Good & The Good Buds,” a front for some weed-crazed local musicians who played the hell out of their own collection of satirical bluegrass folk country, centered around a pirate radio station and a ship full of pounds. I played the hell out of that CD driving from Dallas to the 1998 Poetry Slam at the Paramount Theatre in Austin. I particularly loved the joint anthem, “Funny Cigarette” and the train tribute, “Super Chief,” songs that captured the eccentric Texas ambiance like an episode of “King Of The Hill.”

So what were the odds that the opening band to kick off the Poetry Slam was the Asylum Street Spankers, featuring one Pops Bailas, who began to sing…”Funny Cigarette.” Bud Good & The Good Buds! Some of them anyway, for the Spankers had about seven or eight revolving members, but I knew by his voice Pops had to be Bud Good. When I later moved to Austin, I become more familiar with this most-Austin of groups, replete with its eclectic and electric membership (you might recognize singer Wammo from his role in SLACKER). They’re simply one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen and they always carry with them my time in Texas. The Spankers have a new album, “God’s Favorite Band’ and are on tour now so I advise those to treat yourself to a night of fun, song, satire and kick-ass music.


2 Responses to “Friday Song: The Asylum Street Spankers”

  1. A hero is born if a hero dies.


  2. How did the people manage to stay in their seats?

    I was ~reminded of Gogol Bordello. Sorry for the poor vid quality:

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