Afternoon Matinee ’74


4 Responses to “Afternoon Matinee ’74”

  1. Omar Sharif as Captain Nemo?

    co-directed by Juan Antonio Bardem?

    Uncle of Javier Bardem?


    Never heard of this wonder.

  2. awesome ;)

    a still relevant piece of work. came out in 1973 in france, for french tv ORTF (with help from spanish funds). a movie version came out some weeks before the tv aired, six episodes of 55 min. other tv movies were created later by gluing several episodes together.

    there are two dvds out, one for the first 1 hour movie, and the complete series on dvd —

  3. christian Says:

    THE FUTURIST: I’ve only seen it in fits and spurts from afternoon and late nite tv, but I distinctly remember the colorful ads for this. A legion of those big usually cheap fantasy adventure films from the late 60’s-70’s with totally fantastic and improbable poster art that had more action than the movies…

    David: I had no idea it was based on a French tv series. I thought it was some cheapo LATITUDE ZERO-style Italian pic. Now I have to watch it…

  4. i’ve seen this!

    (just thought i’d throw that out there, i can’t remember when or where exactly, years ago, i think it was on TV?…not very helpful but i remember sharif clearly)

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