7 Responses to “2012”

  1. THE FUTURIST! is having a tea party this Thursday … but it just involves actual tea and saucers and, perhaps, a chocolate iced Bundt Cake.

  2. christian Says:

    I had a very apocalyptic dream last night.

  3. there IS a feeling of doom these days yes.

  4. Is it already Shocktober?

    Left to right: Patrick Bateman, Baron Harkonnen, Chucky, alien queen, Michael Myers, Leatherface (upper), Harry Powell (lower), Jerry Blake.

    Real scaaaaaary, kids.

  5. christian Says:

    Perfect! Very scary.

  6. wow, a bunch of white dude heads with the giant wicked witch of the west head holding court in the centre like the world’s most frightening nincompoop

    (can’t someone commit beck to sunnybrook hill in the dead of night where the men in white coats could wrestle him into a straightjacket while he sobs and rants like a feeb? the man is a freakin’ lunatic)

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