Jerry Beck reminded me that it’s Frank Frazetta’s birthday. So raise a wench and battle-axe to the Michaelangelo of sword and sorcery illustration.


27 Responses to “Frazetta”

  1. Ah, my first exposure to Frazetta’s artwork as a wee lad – my best friend’s brother had one of his awesome, Conan-type dudes with buxom, scantily clad woman combo painted on the side of his van. Y’know, you just don’t see that done anymore. Painted murals on van, I mean. What a lost art.

  2. Molly Hatchet!

  3. my friends here say i m retarded because i like fire and ice and conan. yet, there is a sexual energy in these paintings, dare i say i find them pure concentrated teen fever ?

    • Of course they are. Fantasy porn for nerds. But Frazetta is a maestro of form and shadow and color and image. It’s pleasing to view and holds a lot of worlds. And he was born to illustrate Conan, yes? FIRE AND ICE has very cool things and it would be great to see a full length Frazetta Pixar style feature.

  4. Along with John Buscema, Frazetta is one of my heroes.

  5. When I first saw that pic, I thought this was gonna be another Sarah Palin story.

    I hate slick ad-art stuff like Boris Vallejo, but Frazetta had a real pulp energy. He knew how to convey motion and violence, and his stuff didn’t look stiff or overpolished.

    For example:

    Like, ow.

  6. Some people think the Milius CONAN captured that feeling, but I strongly disagree. Haven’t seen it in years, but I remember it as being sluggish and stiff. And while I’m not sure exactly what a Cimmerian is, I never imagined a sandy-haired Teutonic dude. Arnie’s only qualification was being big.

    There are also those who feel that 300 got it right. Don’t get me started.

    Hey, Leah! How’s life?

    • Spot on about CONAN. Clearly Arnold was born to play Conan as surely as Connery was to play Bond. But they screwed up the movie with a lot of low-watt mythicism (sic) and a total lack of Howard’s otherworldly pulp universe. It’s time for a new one based on the actual stories.

    • hello mr. booth, life is swell, i’m in the grips of a major melancholy mood tho where i feel unbearably wistful and nostalgic and sappy about every single little thing, it’s really rather pathetic and i can’t wait for it to pass, plus i’m burning the candle at both ends like a jamaican with like 8 projects on the go at once so i’m seriously knackered, but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger or so i’m told. TMI, i know. hope all is well in your neck of the woods, it’s great to see you out and about in blogworld, blogworld is far more interesting with you in it.

      re: frazetta, a hard-out violent adult sexy-time animated movie utilising frazetta’s amazingly rich, expressive, detailed and beautifully lit designs is so overdue and now absolutely achievable but not on the cheap, so i’m wondering with everything based on marketing and trends and demographics and niches and what not, would such a film have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting made now? i hope so, someone needs to make it happen. i wish i had a magic wand to wave to make stuff happen.

  7. Forget WETA, then, we’ll make paper-mache costumes and sets and do our own claymation. Just watched ED WOOD and GLEN OR GLENDA and I’m inspired.

  8. ha, i can just see the one-sheet quotes now:


    “AUDACIOUS PAPER-MACHE FRAZETTA BRILLIANCE! (who knew a hundred and ninety-three bucks could stretch so far?)”


  9. I dunno, I actually really like the Milius/Stone/Schwarzenegger take on Conan. Sure, it’s not the books but I think, in its own way, it captures the spirit of these pulpy stories. Plus, where else do you get to see James Earl Jones transform into a giant-ass snake before your eyes? At least it was a hard R unlike the crappy sequel! I have a feeling that no matter what, the remake/reboot is gonna suck and be a watered down mess. Hopefully I will be proven wrong.

    • I did like the bone-crunching gore, but Milius, awesome idiosyncratic dude though he be, has a rather ponderous directing style, so the action scenes lack the kineticism of the books. And it needs to be in a real fantasy realm. Now if Conan would have jumped on a giant James Earl Jones snake…

      The sequel was wretched with Tracey Walter’s character my choice for most obnoxious of the decade. And I love Tracey Walter.

  10. Ponderous is the word. Jones turns into a snake, but Conan never fights him in snake form, as I recall. In fact, the film had one of the great anticlimaxes of all time. “Look into my eyes…” “Nah, I don’t think so.” CHOP!

    I do agree that the sequel was even worse. Putting Tracy Walter in this type of film is like putting Bruno Kirby and Brion James in this type of film. Yondah lies da palace…

    • I guess I’m thinking of the other scene where Conan and his pals fight that large snake but you raise a good point – why the hell didn’t they fight Jones as snake? Maybe they ran out of money at that point and couldn’t afford the SFX? Who knows?

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