Friday Song: Belle & Sebastian

Ah, could I be more bloody obvious now and slip out the kings and queen of 90’s indie pop quirk? But I was into these guys before anybody! Or at least I got into them through the barrista at my late, lamented Mojo’s Daily Grind back in Austin, Texas, my favorite cafe of all time. I was sitting at my usual window spot, reflecting on the ever-evolving chaos of life when the melodic, catchy and bouyant sounds of “Seeing Other People” rose on the stereo and I suddenly felt secure in my  present, hopeful for the future. I was hooked for life and immediately purchased their classic 1996 disc, “If You’re Feeling Sinister.” While “Seeing Other People” is still my most beloved Belle & Sebastian song, there’s no good video out there, so my second fave will suffice, the ode to beat and upbeat metaphysical wandering, “Sleep The Clock Around” from their wry, jubilant 1998, “The Boy With The Arab Strap.” Although Indie Quirk has sullied some of their aura, Belle & Sebastian are safely ensconced in my pop pantheon.


6 Responses to “Friday Song: Belle & Sebastian”

  1. tigermilk forever.

    what happened to beulah ? they were the perfect pop gods of our times….

  2. I dunno, these guys never did it for me. I think the assessment as “sad bastard music” in the HIGH FIDELITY film is pretty spot-on.

    • I can’t totally argue with that put down, but if you listen to that clip above, there’s no sad bastards there…But then I think Radiohead is music for sad bastards…

  3. Ever heard Low? Music for clinically depressed bastards. Or music that will turn you into one.

  4. This week’s b&s hit: the girl who wants the world to stop
    whereas my favorite one is elaborately arranged ‘This is just a modern rock song’

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