16 Responses to “Nope.”

  1. Not yet. Ask me again when you’re dead.

  2. Not really. I just did my taxes and it seems Obama’s stimulus cuts entitle me to a refund three-times greater than the ones I used to get when the National Socialists, er, ah, the GOP were in power. Of course, the dunderheads brainwashed by Fox News will credit all this to Glenn Beck, but they’re a bunch of — what’s that word Rush keeps using?… Oh yes: retards.

  3. About as much as a genital herpes blister.

  4. Lemme think reeeeeaaaal hard about that one before I answer…

  5. That’s a negatory, Houston.

  6. In other words, a collective “No fucking way.” And this is really supposed to be a pro-Bush image and expression?

  7. HELL YES.

    BEST PRESIDENT EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER. I’d vote for Bush again tomorrow in a New York Minute and wouldn’t even mind just letting him be president for the next twenty years.

    It’s a 10000000000000000000000% certainty we’ll have a new Republican president in 2012; I just wish it was Bush instead of Palin.

  8. Yes, Lex, your mad Kreskin skills speak for themselves. And after that disastrous CPAC conference, I expect Ron Paul to be up there in 2012 too. Yep.

  9. I’m not a Democrat OR Republican; I’m just telling it the way it is.

    Palin would win in a landslide TOMORROW. In 2012, it’s going to be Palin 80%, Obama 20%.

    • re: that link,

      are those the hoof-beats of the horsemen of the apocalypse i hear thundering ever closer?

      be afraid. be very afraid

  10. BUSH IS GOD.

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